A True Pandora’s Bottle
A True Pandora’s Bottle
A True Pandora’s Bottle
A True Pandora’s Bottle

A True Pandora’s Bottle

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The Asian Pandora’s Bottle.

This bottle embodies all and everything a person could want. There is no genie in this bottle and no spirit. This is heavy duty supernatural power. This is an antique with all hand done enamel and I’m not sure if the top stone is a stone or glass. 

What this can do.

This can change relationships or get them. It can also destroy them. Remember this is called a Pandora’s bottle. You however have full power over what it does. You make the decisions. That’s with whatever you wish to use it for.

Wealth that comes very easy! You can also takes someone’s wealth. I don’t recommend doing that but there are times when you need to. An example is if they are using it against you.

Health. Issues you have that need work.

Beauty. Beauty can come in the various forms you need it in. Body or body type, skin, hair, height or anything else like aging.

Family. Issues with family or just to keep someone safe or change their life.

Happiness. Nothing you get will be good with out total happiness. Happiness will come in the form YOU need it to be happy. This means you can also help others.

Producing Asian spirits. You can produce for your needs or desires any Asian spirit. These will not manifest unless you call them. This includes both dark and light that you can call on. 

Mystical and long buried knowledge. That’s just what it is. Simply ask a question and get the knowledge you want. 

Hidden codes in the atmosphere. This is the one that really blew my mind. You get to see how everything is made and use the power of it for yourself. This one is hard to explain but if you decide to use it you will fully get it! Even music makes math and all the math goes back to creation. It’s crazy! You will also find out that the 5 G isn’t a good thing! I have to watch what I say anymore so I will leave it there. There’s not free speech like you think anymore. 



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