A White Wolf Named Cletus
A White Wolf Named Cletus
A White Wolf Named Cletus

A White Wolf Named Cletus

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There's not too much to say about this piece, as it was given to by Saint Francis of Assisi. I made contact with him a few weeks ago during one of my astral voyages to Heaven. I saw him in the Garde of the Heavenly Tundra fixing one of the wings on a messenger griffin that used to serve King Solomon during the days of the First Temple. I was amazed at what he could and he clearly saw it on my face because he called out to me.

"Hello, Angel. Would you like me to teach you?"

"Uhh, me? Oh, no. I'm not an angel. I'm just... well, I'm still kind of learning what I am yet."

"Okay, then. I teach you?" He insisted.

"Ummm, okay, sure then," I responded.

It was the most amazing thing, St. Francis of Assisi teaching me his "blessing of the animal" ritual which had the ability to heal all white light animals once he ascended into Heaven. The power of life flowing through the body, it just gives your soul an overwhelming sense of calm. I was getting ready to leave when he called out to me.

"Angel, I give you something."

"I'm not an angel..." I replied.

"I know.  Take it.  He is, how do you say... white wolf.  He protect you.  I call him, Cletus."

At that, he gave me this piece that I am now offering you. Then, he vanished. I don't know what it is about the entities in Heaven. They have this thing about them. When they're done, they just kind of-- poof!!-- into thin air. I haven't mastered that yet. Either way, this piece is very powerul. It contains a white wolf named Cletus, who will not only protect you from all evil but will be one Heaven of a companion piece. He is pretty active and will probably show himself to you in full spiritual form. He did to me, anyway. He can also cast white light spells on your behalf. They can only be used for betterment, so betterment of you or a friend, maybe even betterment of a charitable cause? Either way, this is what he will do for you. He is an awesome white wolf, I just don't have the time to devote to him.

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