A'aru and the Seven Hathors Scrying Ring
A'aru and the Seven Hathors Scrying Ring
A'aru and the Seven Hathors Scrying Ring

A'aru and the Seven Hathors Scrying Ring

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Egyptian magic is some of the most powerful magic around. This piece boasts a very robust Egyptian magic that lends to the fact that Egyptian magic is, indeed, very powerful. This piece draws its magic from the Egyptian Afterlife, called Daut. The Ancient Egyptians knew that life on Earth is only the beginning of the everlasting journey. We were born on the Earth through the benevolence of the gods. Their fate was decreed by deities known as the Seven Hathors. The soul would take carnal form and go on to live as best a life as it could.

Upon death, the soul's heart would be weighted. If light enough and justified by the gods, the soul would enter an afterlife called A'aru. A'aru is a mirror world that is a direct reflection of the world that we live in. It is filled with worthy Egyptian souls that are living eternally in a life that they created for themselves on Earth. Such is why living a peaceful and moral lifestyle was stressed during life.

The formula for the creation of A'aru was written by the gods in a place called the Realm of the Telling Stone. The Telling Stone not only reveals a soul's fate to the Seven Hathors, but it also holds the knowledge that is used to judge a person's heart at the end of their life. It is a tell-all about a person.

The piece that we are offering is a sterling silver ring with onyx. The onxy is part of the "Telling Stone" that has been chipped away from it, treated, and used to make this ring. This piece is a scrying ring that will allow you to see into the mirror realm A'aru, where you will be able to pull through any spirit or soul that you want to. It doesn't matter whose soul it is that you are trying to pull through, it will allow you to call upon them. You will be given the ability to assume their magical abilities and energies.

Furthermore, this piece will grant you the magic of the Seven Hathors. As a scrying piece, this piece will also allow you to see your future. Then, using the powers of the Seven Hathors you will be able to dictate the fate of what life you have remaining. Wealth, fame, a family, true love, good health, longevity, and just about anything else are up for grabs when using this piece.

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