Abigail Hobbs:  American Witch
Abigail Hobbs:  American Witch

Abigail Hobbs: American Witch

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This piece is unique because it holds the powers of a witch named Abigail Hobbs. Abigail was only 16 when she was accused and forced to stand trail witchcraft. It was at this point that she bewitched an entire legal proceeding and ended up getting off scot-free after naming people of prominence who were also dabbling in witchcraft and supposed "covenanting" with the Devil.

Despite her confessions, the only magic that Abigail ever practiced was native European natural and elemental magic and a version of Nature magic that was taught to her by the local Wabanaki Tribe. This is the magic that she learned from the local Wabanaki Native Americans after she made peace with them and became a turncoat for them. I mean, after the way the newcomers treated the Natives, I can't say I blame her for taking their side.

Either way, this piece holds her presence. When you wear this piece you gain a connection to her. This will allow her to appear to you in her spiritual form and help you cast whatever kind of spell that you want to cast. Her magic is special because it is a fusion of ancient ritual magic from Europe with an influence of elemental magic that was taught to her by the Natives. She is capable of casting any spell that you ask of her, to any capacity that you need it done. She will not kill, because that would disrupt the life order and seeing that she is pretty much a nature witch, she is against all that.

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