Absalom and the Watchers
Absalom and the Watchers

Absalom and the Watchers

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This piece will give you an incredible opportunity, thanks to the entity that has been summoned into the piece. First, let me say that this piece is extreme white light, so if you are looking for anything other than that, this is not the piece for you.  



This piece holds the spirit of Absalom. He is one of the descended angels of ancient times. He is one of the original 200 Watchers. When you get this piece will you bond with Absalom in such as way that will allow the both of you to be of one mind.  



Once you are connected with Absalom, you will gain his angelic white light magic. They are the ability to grant miracles in the name of God. The other is the ability to materialize white light wealth and the ability to heal yourself both mentally and physically.  



When connected to Absalom, you are also connected to a network of 200 other angels. This is because Absalom is connected to them telekinetically and this piece will allow you and Absalom to become of one mind. This means there are 200 hidden powers that this piece offers you. They will be revealed to you as you work with this piece.




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