Activation of Your Seven Core Chakras | STAR
Activation of Your Seven Core Chakras | STAR
Activation of Your Seven Core Chakras | STAR
Activation of Your Seven Core Chakras | STAR

Activation of Your Seven Core Chakras | STAR

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This piece gradually activates the chakra within your body and helps it to circulate naturally. The tricky thing about chakra is that everyone has a resting opportunity to access it but it is a huge question of whether or not it can be reached. For some, it is easy and it only requires patience. For others, it is so complicated and or difficult that they just don't even bother. For either type of person, this piece would be effective because it contains and gives off the tranquil electrical waves stimulated by the brain that travel along the spine and activate each respective chakra. Meditation is usually largely important in this process and sometimes even crucial just to keep the chakra flowing but not with this item. This piece does all of that and then goes one step beyond to compliment each one further.

It was given to us by an ascended Hindu Shaman spirit. It is only ever created when one reaches complete enlightenment naturally and it is usually presented by the spirit as a gift of preservation of consistency... In other words, to ensure the healthy development of the chakras. To one that has never accessed their chakras or has barely done so, it is far more useful, effective and powerful, which is why we are offering you this piece.

Here's a little bit of what it allows you to access:

Base Chakra, which refers to security, being grounded and survival. Once this chakra is accessed and is active, you will become capable of performing Oculus, or the ability to see through the eyes of Braham, the lord of the creation, and surveillance all that takes place among your being. Nothing will happen to you that you will not first be aware of. As they is the lord of creation, all is under their watchful gaze and all is bare.

Sacral Chakra, which refers to sex and or procreation. This particular chakra works differently depending on the person. Simply because we don't all desire to procreate. That being said, if you are one of those who does want children, then this chakra is primarily just about sex for you - the ability to effectively reproduce and gain what you want. If you don't want kids, then it is primarily about the pleasures in life and the general indulgence. Once accessed, this chakra allows you to passively channel Vishnu, the lord of preservation - who helps you maintain a stable emotion and physical state in order to keep up with this chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the chakra that deals with your personal power. Once accessed, you can summon Old Shiva, the lord of destruction, to you in spiritual form. As the lord of destruction, he manages your power and all that you are capable of to avoid self-destruction. In other words, while this chakra can allow you to access and mange immense power, it does come with a safety cap to avoid you doing more than you can physically or mentally handle. That isn't to say you'll never get more powerful beyond a certain point, it is only to say that you will but you will do so as you are able.

Heart Chakra, which has everything to do with your mindset and general maturity. How you think is largely influential upon all of the other 6 chakras, which is why this one is arguably the most important. It surrounds all that you hold dear to you and it preserves it. It allows you to be at one with yourself - to accept all that you are, which is key in utilizing power and avoiding blockages that keep you from becoming stronger. Once accessed, you may communicate with the lord of peace, Rudra Shiva and they will offer you guidance where you need it.

Throat Chakra, which is truth and raw creativity. Accessing this chakra will open you up to learning new things - artistic skills - that you may otherwise not think to be in within your capability to learn. You can learn to sing, speak influentially or persuasively, write beautiful, or you can even speak to one you desire and instill love in their hearts so they can and will return your feelings. You can use this ability to eventually speak things into existence once you fully access it and become able to connect with Panchavaktra Shiva, the lord of oneness. They ensure that you remain entirely at one with yourself.

Brow Chakra, which is completely influential over your third eye. This one takes a bit time, probably the most time compared to the others due to how delicate it is to actually fully open one's third eye. However, you will ultimately reach full psychic awakening. After which, you will become able to connect with Shiva-Shakti who will guide to ancient teachings of cosmic psychic insight. With an entirely opened third eye, your psychic abilities will be able to reach further than you can even imagine now, even if you are one who is already capable of psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra, is essentially full spiritual enlightenment and consciousness; the ability to extend your mind beyond and retrieve wisdom from any and all sources. Knowledge, in all of its forms, will run through you almost like a stream that you can look through and make use of as you see fit. Upon accessing this chakra completely, you will be able to connect with your inner spirit - the powerful spirit that is attached to you at birth that is perhaps the most powerful being you can ever hope to connect with because it was designed for you. It is your key to ultimate awakening and supremacy.

This piece is truly powerful in what it does. Though it does put a strain on your body, primarily in the fact that it lifts mortal bindings, it is only one that leads to a positive outcome in the end. For any issue you find that you are experience, be it problems with opening your third eye, resolving unrequited love, not being able to learn a skill, not being able to fulfill your sexual desires, not being able to reach enlightenment - it doesn't matter because this piece covers all points across the board in what it allows you to access in the end. I recommend it to anyone as it is truly a powerful and effective spiritual awakening piece.

The piece you will be receiving a sterling silver moonstone bracelet. It is being displayed on a special charging stone.

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