Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

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This piece was given to us by Tomer who use an extraction ritual to pull the powers from the popular "Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" panel from the Ghent Altarpiece. Of course, when this piece was created by Jan van Eyck in the 1430s, it was done so in such a way that magic was encrypted into it. It was done this way so that only members Gnostic Order were able to see and identify the powers that were held within. Tomer is just awesome like that and was able to crack the code.

In the artwork, there are different and separate groups of individuals that come to adore the lamb, which symbolized Jesus, of course. The five groups include the male martyrs, the female martyrs, the male saints, the Jewish prophets, and the pagan writers. Of course, then there is the Lamb and the city that dwells behind the lamb at distance. Each group represents something different and you will get the power associated with each group. Here are the powers that you will get when using this piece.

The Female Martyrs-- these are motherly guides of wisdom and will help guide you along your correct path of destiny, the one that has predetermined for you by God.

The Male Martyrs-- these are the patriarchal protectors who died for their cause. As such, they will also protect you and your household.

The Jewish prophets-- they will give you all knowledge of the sacred and ancient Kabbalah. This will give you the ability to be able to cast ancient biblical spells such as those given to Moses, Aaron, Abraham, and Noah.

The Male Saints-- they will grant you whatever white light magic you need. This includes the casting of any and all white light spells and the holy magic sanctioned by God.

Pagan Writers-- they will give you the ability to write your own incantations and enchantments for the purpose of creating your own dual power spells and magic.

Jesus and the City-- Jesus is the magical key that allows you to enter the Holy City. The Holy City in this case in Heaven and the New Jerusalem that will fall to Earth when the war between good and evil has ceased. This piece will allow you to travel there in your astral form to behold Go's splendor and experience the powers of spiritual recharging and rejuvenation that the city has been build with.

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