Aegypti Revelatum
Aegypti Revelatum

Aegypti Revelatum

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This piece holds ancient Egyptian Magic. Once again we have learned something about the Sphinx that we never knew before. Thanks to certain connections that we have in Egypt, we were able to acquire this piece, which is really quite incredible if you ask me.  

We have been offering the magic of the sphinx to our customers for years now. What we did not know is that hidden in the left eye of the Sphinx is an alternate universe. This alternate universe is a time loop of ancient Egypt where the power and magic of the once vast empire play on repeat.


The universe is mostly hidden from the human eye, save for when Sirius B hits the eye at a precise angle. It is at that point when the name human eye can see into the eye of the Sphinx and behold the alternate universe that is held there.  


Inside of this universe is many things that we would not experience today. There are many pyramids of antiquity that hold many powers. There are wild Sphinxes that roam the wilderness, full of information for anybody that can tame them.  

The realm is ruled by a Pharaoh who is the emanation of the Sun God Ra on Earth. He holds unlimited power and knowledge that will be shared with you when you use this piece. Access to the magic of Isis, Horus, Seth, and Osiris are at your fingertips. The Book of the Dead and its powers of necromancy are yours for the taking.  


This parallel universe has been duplicated and set into this piece. You will see that the bracelet features an all-seeing eye, an elephant symbolizing eternal wisdom, a Sphinx tooth, the Sun Disc, and a stone that was taken from the Sphinx to hold this power.  


Eternal magic and power are what awaits those who use this piece. The resurrection of Egyptian sorcery and abundance is what awaits the person who uses this piece. This piece is incredibly powerful and should be treated as such.  


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