Agares & Your Own Army

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Agares & Your Own Army


Have you ever wanted to have someone helping you all the time? Someone at your beck and call? How would you feel having more than one person or entity under your control? That is exactly what you get with this piece and more. In the eastern region of Hades, there was a man named Agares. He is often shown on a crocodile and has a hawk on his fist. He has thirty-one legions under his control. Thirty-one! That's a lot of people! His powers are rather interesting as well. He is able to scatter his enemies and change their hearts. But in return, he would also capture those who would run away. Agares had the power to destroy anything both spiritual and temporal. Having power was an understatement.

With this piece, you obtain some of his power. All of Agares' thirty-one legions are at your disposal. Whatever you need to be taken care of, they will help make it happen. Think of yourself as Agares minus the crocodile and hawk. Be able to scatter your enemies both human and not. Change their hearts. Whatever you need. Just call on the legions.

This is a bracelet is sterling silver 

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