Alice's Adventure in the Occult Wonderland
Alice's Adventure in the Occult Wonderland
Alice's Adventure in the Occult Wonderland

Alice's Adventure in the Occult Wonderland

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"If I had a world of own, everything would nonsense
Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't
And contrariwise, what it is it wouldn't be
And what it wouldn't be it would... You see?"
What is in a story?  For Charles Lutwidge Dodson it seems that there is a lot more than meets the eye.  His writings were full of the pain and agony that he experienced while he was a child.  He had a very strange and magical mind from a very early age.  Allow me to give you a peek through the looking glass.  
First and foremost, let's establish somethings.  Dodgson was a very well-esteemed mathematician, logician, photographer, Anglican deacon, and writer.  I don't expect you to recognize his name a first glance, but perhaps you be a bit savvier if I said the name, Lewis Carroll.  I'm sure your wheels are turning now.  He is the celebrated author of the children's story Alice in Wonderland.  Ahh, children's story-- but was it really?  Au contraire.  
Dodgson was born as a child slave to a very prestigious family.  Both his paternal and maternal ancestral lineage included decorated military veterans.  His great-grandfather Charles Dodgson had risen through the ranks of the church to become the Bishop of Elphin.  It seems as though he comes from a long line of Charles, because if father was also Charles.  
His father was also a celebrated mathematician having been sent to Westminster School and then to Christ Church, Oxford.  He acquired a double first degree in mathematics, which could have been the beginning of a brilliant academic career.  Instead, he was married to his first Cousin, Frances Lutwidge in 1827.  Thereafter he became a county Parson.  
And so we get to the point where the Charles that we are looking for was born.  He was born in a small parsonage in Daresbury, Chesire near the towns of Warrington and Runcom.  He was the eldest boy of eight children.  When Carroll was 11, his father was given the living of Croft-on-Tees and the entire family moved to the spacious Rectory.  His father eventually became the Archdeacon of Richmond under the Church of England.  This is where our story really begins.  
Whether you'd like to believe it, or not, the Church of England was involved in some really deep magic.  It was at this time that the church was secretly in turmoil over their religious and magical practices.  On the outside, the church was a Christ-loving institution.  Secretly, the church was an occult force of magic to be reckoned with.  Carroll's father was a conservative, against the magical practices of the Church.  However, being an Archdeacon he had to submit his children to the church.  
It wasn't just Carroll.  It was dozens of children that were members of religious leaders churchwide.  The children would be brought to Yorkshire where the elder Charles would preside of ceremonies that subjected the children to magical and occult experimentation.  Sometimes it included sexual abuse.  Other times it didn't.  There was always the magic, though.  These children acted as supercharged batteries.  The magic would be stored in them and they'd be kept like dogs in cages until the magic was needed.  Their memories would be erased and they'd be given new memories so they wouldn't remember any of it. 
When he was 17, Carrol suffered from a severe bout of whooping cough.  Having nearly died, his father sought out a magical cure.  He secured the cure, but when administered to his son, the memories that he had been given to remember dissipated and the years of torment and abuse came back to him.  Every form of magic that had been given to him returned all at once.  Nightmares and recollections kept him awake at night.  He found himself to have a very diverse knowledge of occult magic, with very awkward and strange abilities.  It was all foreign to him.  It took him about a year to get his magic under control, but when he did he became one of the most powerful and occult sorcerers England has ever known.  It was due to the many years of captivity and experimentation he endured as a child.  
Nevertheless, he lost himself in studies as a way to keep his mind off of his shadowy past.  He played rugby and graduated with first-class honors in mathematics.  I guess you could say he was a chip off the old block.  He eventually even became a deacon for the church.  It wasn't until he took a trip with his clergy friend amongst the company of three young girls that he realized the effect that magic really had on him.  Among the three young girls was one Alice Liddell, who Carroll referred to as the one "Without whose infant patronage I might possibly never written at all."  
This is because Carroll's young mind allowed him to fall in love with Alice.  He confided in her all the secrets of his childhood through a story he told her called "Alice's Adventures Under Ground."  Despite the fact that the three young girls that he had with him were supposed to suffer the same fate that Carroll did when he was young, he wound up saving them for Alice's sake.  He used his magic to persuade his clergy friend to let them go.  
When he returned, Carroll was driven mad by his guilt.  The years of his magic and sexual abuse caught up to him.  He became glossy eyed and crazed with his memories and the fact that he had been suffering from pedophilia himself.  It seemed to be a curse of the magic.  He could never fully grow up, because the magic stunted his brain's growth.  Frantically, he searched for an out.  So, using his knowledge of mathematics and magic he began the final version of his story, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." 
He wrote the story in a secret code using a mathematics and magic algorithm that has hidden all the spells and forms of magic from his occult knowledge.  He has literally written out everything he has ever seen or went through as a child.  All of his magic has been written into the pages of his book.  It all came to materialization in 1865.  Thinking that this would be an easy out for himself was Carroll's biggest mistake.  Despite the fact that he had gotten all of his mishaps out on paper, he was still plagued by the fact that they still lived inside him.  What's more is that he was still magically linked to the children that were continually being abused by the leaders of England.  The rich people had nothing better to do with their time because they owned everything.  They didn't have to work.  When you're poor, especially in England in those times, you literally worked, ate, slept, and repeated.  
Frantically searching for another out, Carroll came into contact with an English witch in his hometown of Cheshire.  Having the mad hatter that he so affectionately wrote about, he showed up to his meeting with the witch in literally hysterics screaming, "We're late.  We're late."  This is when the witch knew that she had to act quickly or he was literally going to be consumed by the magic that was within him. 
Using a piece of jewelry that is called bois durci.  This jewelry is made by using blood and the sawdust of to make a pliable material. It was invented by a Frenchman Francois Charles Lepage in 1855.  At first, this material was made using the albumen of blood that he collected from slaughterhouses.  Later on, this jewelry became known as gutta percha and was used in the circle of sorcery to create items that contained the blood of very powerful individuals.  The piece of bois durci that was used by the witch who helped Carroll, contained the blood of 12 members of her ancestral coven.  
These twelve spirits were displaced to the afterlife after using their magic.  The witch, with the help of her ancestors, was able to do a transference spell that pulled the magic that was haunting Carroll out of him.  She put it into this piece.  After she was done, she gifted this piece to Carroll so that he would never forget what he had been through.  This piece is the key to understanding and knowing the entire world of occult magic, which has been written in Carroll's novel, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."  
The item that he received enticed him to write yet a second novel entitled "Through the Looking Glass."  In this second novel, a sequel to his first, he has hidden the instructions on how to use the Gutta Percha piece that had been given to him.  Again, this is all done with the perfect algorithm of magic and mathematics, similar to the way the Bible is written in magical, sacred mathematical code.  The trick is, in order to access the magic in the first novel, you must first read the second novel.  Then, you will revisit the first novel and the magic that is hidden within the confines of the novel will be released.  
This piece holds the magic of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll.  I would tell you how we ended up with this piece, but I have written enough for right now.  It would take another excerpt that is probably as long or longer than this one.  To paraphrase-- we have connections.  We'll leave it at that.  Just know that this piece is the original piece that was given by the witch to Carroll.  It holds all of his magic and all of his knowledge. 
Yes, Carroll was a hidden occult sorcerer.  He didn't ask for that, though.  Nor did any of the children who were subject to the inner dark circles of the Church of England.  Oh, yes, there were more and they all suffered from the same curse.  He is connected to them all. Ergo, this piece holds all the knowledge of all the children that have ever been exploited by the church.  His mishaps caused him to fall in love with a young girl, which prompted him to write this book to alleviate his distress and guilt.  Had it never been for Alice Liddell, he might have succumbed to his magic and joined the exploits.  However, his love kept him strong, but once he was drained of his magic, as it was put into this piece, he knew his love was wrong.  So was the love that he had felt for every single underage person that he had ever felt.  His pedophilia might have been wrong, but it was a byproduct of something he didn't understand and, moreover, never asked for.      
Using this piece, you will be given the entire knowledge of occult magic.  Literally, it brings you the complete knowledge of every single occult type of magic.  Now, you may be saying, "Occult magic... isn't that just code for black magic?"  The answer is no!  Occult magic simply means hidden magic and hidden knowledge.  Thus, it encompasses both dark, white, and dual magic.  You will have it all with this piece.  There are types of magic that exist that you have no clue about, then there are some you will probably be familiar with.  The knowledge is yours for the gaining with this piece, you don't even have to read the book if you don't want to, because it has all been stored and hidden in this piece.  This piece is the key that unlocks it all.  
To use this piece you will place a drop of your saliva or blood into the locket.  You will close the locket and you will wear the piece.  A molecular connection will be created.  You will be jolted with magic as the knowledge of every single magical form is transferred into your mind.  The difference is, you will only be able to access this magic when you wear the piece.  We've done that for several reasons.  A.) This piece is the key, simple.  B.)  The magic lives inside of the piece and not you, so that way you don't turn into a mad-hatter like Carroll did.  C.) The magic can never be siphoned from you, because there has been a very powerful spell cast upon this piece that cannot be reversed, save for a member of the same coven that cast the spell, Carroll.  Good luck finding them.  
This is seriously one of the most powerful pieces you will ever come across.  We only have one of them, as there can only ever be one made.  If you desire the knowledge of all occult magic, then this is the piece you want to own.        

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