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During one of my recurring visits to the Vatican, I was able to secure this item from the ranks of men who serve as cabinet members to the Pope.  Religion is not as spotless as it sometimes appears to be and it's not all about eternity and salvation anymore.  People tend to gain their own ideas about how things should be done, and if you ask me, there is probably a limited amount of time until people start executing one another like they did during the time of the French Revolution.  Don't like your leader?  Kill him in cold blood.  The time are coming, this I guarantee.  I've been around for a long time and I have seen some rough times.  I assure you, there are no times rougher than what lies ahead, when times get turbulent before the second coming of Christ and everyone struggles for power... It will be like the Lord of the Rings all over again.  

This is one of the most ground-breaking pieces that I have collected since I've been in existence since the 1800s.  Again, I secured this item through a leak in the Vatican and one of the top officials of the Pope.  Other than to say this, I'm not going to divulge much more information due to the fact that I have my sources.  I like to keep my i's dotted and my t's crossed so to speak.  For both your sake and mine, I need to maintain my privacy.  This is why I'm not going to tell you who it was that provided me with this item.  I am simply going to give the background for the item and divulge the information that will allow you to use your item effectively and efficiently.  

For starters, this item is one of only 5 of its kind.  It was developed by a corporation known asQLink, who was given a certain archetype to build items after discoveries and advances made at Project Montauk, where people were kidnapped and their brains were experimented with worth the purpose of developing mind control technology.  This item is a product developed by these governmental findings.  Again, it is one of only 5, because the officials involved with ProjectMontauk did such unspeakable acts to those whose minds they controlled that they were petrified by being double crossed and having their own technology used on themselves.  

The idea is the the energetic properties in this necklaces will resonate their power into you as you wear it.  It's like a pre-programmed tuning fork.  It will clarify the biofield of those who wear it during a subtle interaction with the chemical and genetic makeup of the wearer.  It will enhance your genetic makeup to a level that does not allow for mind control to take over your body.  The three energy points that on the back of medallion that is on this necklace, through which the resonating will enter your body and the anti-mind control powers will start to kick in, effective immediately.  Again, there were only five of these ever made.  Officials from the Vatican were able to secure all five through espionage.  After all, they are the eldest form of organized government and all governments have covert affairs.  

I met with my counterpart from the Vatican, whom I am going to simply refer to as Cardinal X.  Cardinal X was very secretive if preparing for my arrival due to the gravity of the situation.  Should someone ever find out that he is the one that leaked this piece, there is no telling what the ruthless Catholic pirates of power might do to him.  Especially since this piece not only clears your biofield, but gives a whole new insight into the latest Vatican scandal:  the coming of the Alien Christ Child.  

You see, for years the Vatican has been hiding evidence of a higher intelligence lifeform.  They have their hands in the every affair that has anything to do with extraterrestrial lifeform, including the Roswell and Maury Island Incident, the Westall Encounter, and the Hill abduction to name a few.  This is because they are hiding evidence that they have been in contact with aliens for centuries, paving the way for the birthing of an alien Christ Child, who is most likely the beast that St. John the Apostle was talking about when he wrote the Book of Revelations.

Now consider the following.  In the Bible is said that the Earth was void when God began creating all that we know to exist as of right now.  He has created it all.  However, if the Earth was void this means that it was already in existence when God recreated it.  You have to study the Bible as a history lesson, rather than a political weapon to be able to gain this insight and understanding.  However, it is true.  The Earth has been in existence for millions of years, only about a couple thousand or so which are accounted for in the Bible.  What happened previous you ask?  It was the rebellion of Satan.  

Now if you remember correctly, Lucifer was the Morning Star, who fell because of his disobedience to God.  Where did he fall?  To Earth.  He wasn't cast into the lake of fire right away, you see, because first there was an epic battle between good and evil.  God won the battle, because good always prevails.  Satan was bound into chains and thrown into what Christians often describe as a lake of fire.  Again, a little research into the Bible, using context clues and the actual meanings of words, will prove that Hell is not a place of fire and brimstone.  Rather, it a place devoid of anything-- it is complete darkness and lifelessness, for example, outer space.  Thus, he was locked up in a portion of space that was devoid of anything, which is why he is so evil and miserable, apart from the fact that he has fallen from his previous glory due to his on jealousy.  

The Alien Christ Child is the coming of the biggest false prophet that has ever to embrace the likeness of humankind.  He is the offspring of Lucifer and has been given the counterpart power of the Holy Spirit. He contains all the same powers that allowed Jesus to work his miracles, all while putting on a countenance like he is here to help the world.  I used this piece to see the little beast as he was being birthed into mortal life.  He is currently growing and gaining powers, hidden in a vault beneath  the Vatican, being fed by all the leeches who claim to be Catholic clergy, but are false prophets themselves who serve the prince of darkness.  His skin is brown, but it's not made of flesh.  He has 14 pairs of of beady, almonds shaped eyes that are set deep into his seven heads-- two apiece.  Upon his heads, he wears 10 horns, where all of his secret knowledge and reciprocated glory are kept.  It is in these horns where he keeps his powers as well.  His stench is unbearable, he smells like rotting corpses and looking at it brings a feeling of sorrow and misery unlike any you've ever known into the very pit and core of your soul.  

If you think this is bad, considering the following.  The Alien Christ Child has begun replicating.  He is obviously the strongest of the crew, but has begun breeding a whole race of alien-demons that have the same powers and appear in the same mannerism as himself.  However, there is no way to really be sure of whom his army is.  It could be the old lady at the library.  It could be the cashier at Wal-Mart.  It could even your pastor.  I'm not trying to scare you, but we are in the Time of Now.  The Army of Darkness that has been born of the Alien Christ Child will not appear as the Alien Christ Child, because they are masked as humans in the mortal world, to the untrained eye.  They will latch themselves onto your life like demonic leeches and suck you dry of any and all white light or godliness you have left, because they are so hungry for just a little of the power that God exemplifies.  At that point they will invade, eventually owning your soul.  Again, replication has only just begun an there are already thousands of these demon spawn aliens.  They will keep replicating during the Time of Now, until the return of Christ when they will be vanquished back into the pits of the Void with Satan for 1,000 of Tribulation.  Until then, the army grows.  

This piece will allow you to see these demon-spawn with the seven heads and ten horns for what they really are, rather than the mortal disguise that have been given.  I'm not going to say that this piece is blasting full of white light, because it simply is not.  Although, it will give you dual magic that will allow you to open up your third eye, which will allow you to see people, creatures, and beings for their true form, not like masks as a masquerade ball.  It will allow you the ability to read others minds, to expose their true intent and identity.  Additionally, you will gain the powers that the Alien Christ Child exhibits, which is basically a dual power of the white version of God's magic, because in existence everything has to have balance.  How you opt to use this power is entirely up to you, that's why it's dual.  It has no restrictions and can be used for whatever you want to use it for.  Just remember, karma's a mean lady sometimes and Jesus will be returning soon!! 

Look up Qlink as many go for over 2,000 and this was 7,666.66 an odd number for such a piece.

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