Alien Geomancy | STAR
Alien Geomancy | STAR

Alien Geomancy | STAR

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Every day, there's a number of alien formations that we've discovered over the last handful of years, most of which are very similar if not directly related to formations that already existed here on Earth. However, we've recently discovered a new formation from which hundreds of formations stem. Most of what we've tested along side of this formation has been modern but we have dug as far back as we can and we're only continuing to find more and more similarities. In other words, it is extraordinarily likely that a large amount if not most of the magic and power formations, even some of the sacred or holy ones, have been derived from this alien formation.

The alien formation was discovered in writing, on a slab of solid gold that is only barely blemished if at all. There are four rings, all of which have notches that can be adjusted. One remains entirely untouched - as far as we know as we have not been able to completely figure out what it does - while the others can be adjusted based on the date. We believe that the notch closest to the center - the smallest one - may be a power meter but we are not sure. We hope to find out all there is to know about this formation over a series of future tests. What is even more odd about this piece is the fact that the markings that are displayed on it are veryidentical to Greek but they are not, which is how we know it is alien. Aliens write in a very odd formation of symbols, most of which do not carry any noticeable or consistent criteria, which is why it remains a language that we have yet to crack. That being said, we are not entirely in the dark either.

The slab is covered in alien runes. At its center is a phrase, which translate roughly as "formation under" and then the following word is what we assume to be the name of planet from which the aliens perhaps have come from. Romanized, the word is simply Nero but there is no planet as such. Of course, that is not to say that it doesn't exist. Anyway, the slab we discovered, has revealed itself to be a tool that can be used for more things than we know what to do with. In fact, to list all of them here would take an obscene amount of time so we will just list what we believe to be the most interesting if not the most important.

Sacred Geometry has been derived from this alien slab. What is even more shocking to learn is that sacred geometry is the bare minimum and actually consists only of the basic coding of the alien geomancy. That is why it is called what it is. In other words, Sacred Geometry is like Alien Geomancy for Dummies. It is simple and has trimmed a lot of extra stuff off of what the real deal is. Due to this, it lacks an enormous amount of potential in comparison.

Next, we have a religious formation - the Ichthys. This one was even more shocking to break down because it is also dwindled down to a significantly lesser state compared to the alien geomancy version. For once, the version using the original formation is not formed or even anywhere close to resembling a fish. In fact, it looks more like a series of formations if not multiple. Almost like a tree or a bloodline tree. We are not certain if that is what they are meant to be but based on looks, they are very similar. The formation generates sacred power from its center that is pure enough to cut through air sounds similar to the ones you might hear if you were to crack a whip. We are not sure why this reaction occurs but we think that it may have something to do with why there is no other formation that does the same. It is very possible that that amount of power cannot exist here or no one has tried.

There is the Ankh - yes, the Ankh. Discovering the extent of this one made us realize just how deep this one goes. It made us wonder how much of our power, magic and or general existence is actually influenced by aliens. The Ankh, in true form based on the alien formation is the exact formula for birth. We do not mean one that can be achieved normal. This instills any being into existence. In other words, if you wanted to bring the second coming - the exact embodiment of Eve - into the world, you most certainly could regardless of whether or not you had her spirit.

We do not know the true extent of this piece but we do know that it can be used to create. It is raw creation, the exact points of existence... and it has been given to us from otherworldly creatures. Due to it's power, we can not offer it to you and we do not intend to as of right now.

However, this piece here is actually yet another oddity and it is created directly from this slab that I have told you about. Somewhere around the twelfth test, this item was generated and it in the center, hovering delicately over Nero. When we removed it from the face of the slab, it instantly rose three divine oracles beholders from which any form of knowledge or wealth can be gathered. This includes wealth in knowledge, wealth in love, wealth in magic or even wealth in luck. Anything that can be gathered and gathered in abundance can be pulled by the oracles. Additionally, each oracle can function independently.

By appearance - black, silver and translucent - the black oracle can be sent anywhere among the realm of which you live - in this case it would be either Earth realm or any other realm you have complete access to - and you can watch over any place, person or thing you desire. This includes spirits or entities as long as you know of their current appearance, location or name. Silver allows you to channel directly from the slab from which this piece was created. We find that it allows you to look at things and break them down so you can see them in there simplest forms and even become aware of the formations that helped bring them into existence. This is especially important because it can be used to open you up to sacred or even ancient knowledge of power, magic or secrets that are no longer usually accessible... but it must have been created or influenced by the slab. The translucent oracle is a bit complicated. It is more of a self reflection thing and it it appears differently to everyone that uses this piece. It most commonly appears translucent however. It may appear almost invisible to you if you are not entirely open to the supernatural. Because the formation seems to heavily influence even the realms and the supernatural spirits and power that lurk within them, this oracle grows more powerful over time. The more clearly you see it, the stronger your, its power is and, subsequently, the more you can do with it. This is the only one of the divine oracle beholders that takes time to amp up. However, once you do, you gain a level of manipulation of anything that has been created, influenced or has been touched by alien geomancy.

This piece is truly unique and because we are not even certain how or why it was created by the slab in the first place, we believe that it is safe to assume that there will not be another.

We have added the chain to this piece so you can wear it if you wish to.


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