Alien Sigil:  Breaking the Evolutionary Time-Loop
Alien Sigil:  Breaking the Evolutionary Time-Loop

Alien Sigil: Breaking the Evolutionary Time-Loop

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This piece is signed, but that is only to create the illusion that the piece is nothing more than a unique-looking necklace. The truth is that the government had a hand in the creation of this piece and this piece is an alien sigil that they have been working with for some time. The original sigil was discovered during an undisclosed alien crash in Canada and brought back to Area 51 for testing.

It was determined that sigil that was found was the production of an ancient alien nation that exists in a separate part of the universe.  They have super-advanced technology that allowed them to wormhole through space in order to find Earth the so-called "intelligent life" that lives there.  These aliens no nothing of the sigil, only that it was given to them by even more advanced beings than they are.  The theory is that all advanced aliens have metamorphosized and that all intelligent lifeforms are one and the same.  They just exist as different levels of advancement.  So, while we might not be all that advanced there are lifeforms in other adjacent realities that are even less advanced than we are.  It's just an evolutionary process that is on a continuous time-loop.  This piece breaks the loop.

This sigil sets your mind free from the endless time-loop.  It will give you a spiritual healing and awakening that will allow you to exist as yourself, but also to exist as all living beings in the multiverse.  I know this doesn't make sense at this point in time, but it will when you experience the piece.   This allows you to be omnipresent and omnipowerful, as you will have the knowledge of every type of living creature, as well as the magic, technology, and advancments that go along with it.  You will see these things in your mind, but through thought projection, you will be able to manifest them into reality.  

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