All Granting Wand of the Royals
All Granting Wand of the Royals
All Granting Wand of the Royals
All Granting Wand of the Royals
All Granting Wand of the Royals
All Granting Wand of the Royals

All Granting Wand of the Royals

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When it comes to terms of popularity and power I doubt there are any better established than the royal family in Great Britain.  Queen Elizabeth, who is 92 as of the time of this writing, is the world's longest reigning monarch. She is very popular with people.  She oversees some 300 official ceremonies a year. She had been described as having the spark and energy of the sun.

She holds a 90% approval rating in her own country, with 75% of people saying that her job is important and that Great Britain should remain a constitutional monarchy.  In Canada, which is a complete and sovereign country under the Commonwealth of the British crown, 55% of people prefer a continued bond between the Canadian government and royal family. In America, which is completely independent of any type of British involvement, but holds its roots in British colonization, the Queen's approval rating is an astounding 82%.  

It would a tough job to find a way to incriminate the royal family of any type of shenanigans that go on in the background Besides, the Queen cannot be prosecuted under British law. The queen cannot be arrested and she is not subject to the government of the people, because she is a sovereign entity. The entire royal family is.

Their wild popularity and the fact that they literally exist above the law has lent the royal family a ton of leeway in their actions.  It is how they have gotten away with the sinister underground activities that they have partaken in for years, and it's not just Queen Elizabeth who partakes in these goings-on.  

The royal family has partaken in occult ritual ceremonies for years and years before Queen Elizabeth was ever born. The fact that Queen Elizabeth is a flesh-eating cannibal seems like a far-fetch conspiracy theory at best, but I tell you that it is the truth and it did not begin with her.  Europeans, including the collective royal families, in both the Old and New world, took part in the consumption of human bodies for medicinal purposes. Known as corpse medicine, it was wildly popular among the British royal family, especially.

To be precise, William III and Queen Mary both took potions that contained the ground up skull of Egyptian mummies.  Charle II was so invigorated by these potions that he bought the recipe and made his own potions. These potions were made from ground up Egyptian mummies that were illegally obtained by grave robbers and fresh blood that supplied by recently executed criminals. The potion drinking habit of Charles I was so well-known that when he was executed, his blood was mopped up by the crowd, hoping to gain the powers that he had gained through his blood rituals.  

Present day, these practices are still alive and well.  The Queen of England fancies eating the bodies of the young.  She confiscated these bodies from places where the public is likely not to notice or care.  For instance, she snatched the bodies of young Canadians from orphanages while on royal visits.  

She has also visited nunneries and monasteries in England, where orphan children were taken in by the church.  She shops for them like one would shop for a puppy at a pet store. She picks them out one by one and arranges to have them sent to the Royal Palace.  In one account, a soldier who was on post at the Royal Palace in the 1970s was exploring the palace when he came across a refrigerator full of human remains.  

Stories such as these that have been reported on by the press or releases by individual persons have been covered up, some of them blatantly denied of ever having happened and others were linked to Mandela Effect type phenomenon where these stories were not factual but were rumors started on the internet.  Most of the time, the cover-up happened right at the source with magic being used to erase the memories of people such as the nuns, who were given false memories that did not include the children that were taken.

The Queen and her predecessors used the bodies and the blood of those obtained for many magical purposes.  The bodies were eaten and the blood was drunk most of the time, but sometimes applied to the skin in the form of elixirs and lotions.  Elizabeth Bathory was a prime example of royalty who followed these practices. Madame Lalaurie in New Orleans, although not royalty, was a well-esteemed member of society who would kill her slaves and use their blood for magic rituals.  

Even the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was aware of what eating the remains of others could do for you. The practice began with the ancients in primitive cultures. I'm talking about cultures that had absolutely no reform and were quite literally beastly.  They would eat the bodies of those they conquered because it was a well-known fact that by eating the flesh of another human being they were essentially absorbing any powers and abilities that they had. They were also gaining the strength, speed, stamina, courage, fearlessness, ferocity, and any other human characteristics that their enemies had displayed during battle.  That is why they harder they fell, the more prized their hide became.

Now apply these principles and mix in quite a bit of Satanic ritualism, occult magic, and blood alchemy.  You have begun to understand the secret games of the Royal Family. They have taken the principles of cannibalism and quite literally have put them on steroids.  The bodies that they eat and the blood elixirs that they drink do not just hold the characteristics and magic of the souls that they once belonged.

Rather, these bodies go through rigorous rituals where magic is applied to the bodies, where the bodies are injected with potions, where demons are summoned to literally possess the flesh of the dead bodies.  Powers and abilities are specifically chosen by the royal family are given to these bodies and are put into their elixirs. The bodies and elixirs marinate in these powers for a time that is determined by the sorcerers that are hired by the royal family and then the flesh is consumed. The blood is drunk. The blood lotions are applied topically to the skin.

The royal family absorbs the powers and abilities that they have ordered to be put into the flesh that they eat.  It is sometimes eaten raw, but more times than not, the flesh is cooked up in a very fancy type of dinner and enjoyed by multiple members of the royal family at dinner parties and family gatherings.

The environment at these parties is very casual, they seem to think that what they are doing is quite normal.  Maybe this is because these practices have been partaken of for so many years and passed down from royal generation to royal generation.  Maybe it's because they royals have become so inbred that they don't comprehend exactly what is going on. Maybe they know exactly what they are doing and they just don't care, because the powers that they get are so advanced and so strong that it cancels out the fact that they are killing and eating human flesh to get them.  I'll let you be the judge on that one.

Now, you are probably wondering why I have gone to such long lengths to explain to you what is going on behind the scenes of the royal family.  It's because I have this piece. Before I go on about what this piece can do for you I want to let you in on a secret that has been known by the Royals for decades.  During the feasts of human flesh and blood, they are able to create pieces of enchanted jewelry or other items. All they have to is wear the items during their feast.  The items would become as if they were part of the body. When they consumed the flesh and drank the blood and the powers began to flow through them, they would pool into these pieces.  

Then, these pieces could be either used by them when they were done with the ceremonies, or they could be given to somebody else. They were also kept as special family heirlooms and passed down through the bloodlines.  We have a piece that is kind of like that, but much, much more powerful.

This piece is a wand that was held by Queen Elizabeth to preside over one of these flesh-eating rituals.  A chalice of blood was delivered to the queen and her dinner guests. She was also brought a parchment scroll.  She dipped the end of the wand into the blood and wrote on the parchment. She passed the chalice and the wand around the table to her six dinner guests who all did the same thing.  They dipped the wand in the blood and wrote on the parchment. When the parchment and chalice had come full circle the queen took the parchment, dipped the wand in the blood one last time and signed the bottom of it.  

Then, she began to read what had been written on the parchment. One by one, she read the powers that the dinner guest wished to obtain through the feasting of the flesh.  The entire scroll was then plunged into the blood and taken out to dry. The Queen and the guests enjoyed their prepared human flesh. They went on, entertained for hours.  Once the parchment was dry, the Queen called the attention of her guests, at which point she took one of the candles from the dinner table, muttered it has been done under her breath and set fire to the parchment.  The parchment burned and the powers that were written on the parchment were given to those who had written them. It was the conclusions of the festivities for the night.

It does not matter how we got it.  We have the wand that was used that night by the Master of Ceremonies, the Queen herself.  The wand holds all authentic gemstones. They hold the powers of the ceremony that was undertaken by the Queen.  This was a Satanic ceremony that offered the blood of the innocent in exchange for the powers that they asked for. Now, this piece is not Satanic in and of itself, unless you decided to use it to call upon Satan.  We highly recommend you do not do that because you never know what you’re getting into with him. He is constantly tricking people.

The point is that this wand is dual in nature and holds the ability to grant you the powers that you ask for.  All you have to do is write them down using the tip of the wand. The power granting ability is stored in the stones of this piece, not through Satanic summoning, but in pure, dual form.  What you will do is light a candle. Mix a drop or two of your blood or saliva with some ink in a dish. Blood works better to seal the deal but saliva will do. You will then write out the power that you want on a piece of paper.  It should be sturdy paper so it does not rip while you are writing. Allow your writing to sit in the light of the candle to dry. When the candle is about halfway burned, you will then fold your paper up. Light it with the flame from the candle and allow it to burn to ashes.  This is how you know the power will become your own.

You can use this piece as many times over as you choose, each time writing down a different power.  You can also use this want to preside over ceremonies such as the queen did. You will never have to eat flesh or drink blood, as the wand already holds the energies of those powers for you.  Using it will be as though you have already drunk the blood or as though you have already eaten the flesh. You will simply use the piece the way we have described and allow your people to also write down the powers they want.  Then burn the paper and sealing the deal.

This piece is incredibly powerful and we were very lucky to happen upon it.  You are very lucky to be able to get the chance to own it. This is a one of a kind piece and once it is gone we will not have another.  

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