All Inclusive Interdimensional Portal

All Inclusive Interdimensional Portal

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There are anomalies that exist all over the world. However, one that you probably have never heard of is the Kindred Interdimensional Monitoring Point. It is situated outside of Omaha, Nebraska and is marked with an eerie green sign that reads, "Kindred Interdimensional Monitoring Point. Please close all portals when finished to help minimize interdimensional contamination. So, when we first caught wind of this Interdimensional Monitoring Point, the wheels in our heads began to turn. Was this an elaborate hoax? Was it really a monitoring point? If it was a monitoring point, why did the government not try to hide it, like they do everything else?

The truth is that the place where the sign is posted is called Hummel Park and is one of the most haunted areas in the entire state of Nebraska. The elder trees that grow at Hummel Park are all snarled and misshapen due to the fact that they were used as lynching trees in the days of slavery. There have been reports of supernatural sightings, cult rituals, and all kinds of otherworldly stuff going on in the park. So, I guess it is no wonder that there would be some sort of explanation for what draw people to this specific area to perform their acts of the unearthly and paranormal.

Obviously, we visited the place for an investigation and why wouldn't we, it's practically in our backyard-- or as Deedee would say, "Right down the street." Either way, we were going and that was that. I have to say that first of all, we came short of finding out who placed the sign there in the first place. You could jump on Google and maybe find a few explanations of how the sign got there, even city officials giving official explanations, but they are all malarkey. Nobody knows where that sign came from and it's probably going to stay that way.

As far as the Interdimensional Rift that supposedly exists at Hummel Park, whoever the person was who came up with that one was a genius and they hit it right on the money. This has me believing that maybe the government is responsible for this portal opening and that they did place the sign in the park. The best way to hide something from somebody is to make it so obviously present that they think it couldn't possibly be true-- think of the devil horns being popularized by the Illuminati as a symbol for rock'n'roll when it's actually a type of Sieg heil from one member of the Illuminati to another.

Either way, we were able to develop an incredible piece while visiting the interdimensional monitoring area. This is mainly because the people who attempt to go there and practice magic aren't very good at close portals the way the sign instructs them to. In fact, we had to banish six different types of spirits before we actually were able to reach the dead center of the monitoring outlook. This is a place that exhibits strange energies and if you weren't trained to know better you may just think that you are getting a weird feeling in your body. It's not the case. This is the energy that is needed to open different types of portals-- whether they are spiritual portals, vampire portals, ancient Mayan portals, intergalactic portals or something else.

Either way, we used the energy to open several portals, just because we wanted to make sure that they were strong enough to work for all the places that we could think of. This place was able to open a dimensional portal to the Garden of Eden. It was able to open a dimensional portal in time through which we astrally traveled to the Victorian era of England. It was able to open every single portal that we attempted to open while we were there. Another portal that it was obviously capable of was the ability to open a portal between life and death. That would explain the spiritual remnants that remained in the park that we had to encounter and deal with before we could do our own testing.

Anyway, at the end of the day, we were able to use this energy to make this piece. This piece is something that we've never quite offered before. I mean we have offered things LIKE this one, but we haven't offered a piece exactly like this before. This is because, while we have offered pieces that have opened portals in the past, we have never offered a universal portal opening piece. What I mean is that we have offered items that would open portals to space. We have offered items that have opened up spiritual portals to summon spirits. We have offered items that have opened portals to the angelic realm. This piece will do them all. This is why it is called the Universal Portal. It will literally open up any type of portal that you want it open, regardless of the kind or type. It doesn't matter what type of magic you are into, because this piece doesn't adhere to black or white magic. It adheres to, "I'm energy and when I'm used I open portals." Now, however, you choose to use this energy is on you. You could very easily open a portal to vampire realms. You could open up a portal to a djinn realm to use their powers. It's open-ended on how you want to use this portal. It's extremely powerful and to be honest, if you are going to open a portal that you have never opened before and you're not sure how the entities or energies on the other side are going to react, I would exercise extreme caution. (this would more be for people who are going to use it to dabble in the dark stuff, white light realms are pretty safe).

Upon purchase, you will email Steve at, because there are instructions that he has with how to use this piece.  Also, we have tried to make this piece look as inconspicuous as possible.  It's set inside a ring that you can either wear or wear as a pendant on a chain.  You are not paying for the ring itself, but for the incredible powers that are held within.

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