All the Kings Men and All of Their Power
All the Kings Men and All of Their Power

All the Kings Men and All of Their Power

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The powers from this piece date all the way back to the third millennium BCE and before that.  It comes from a megalithic artifact called the Sumerian King List.  Upon this artifact is scribed an entire list of all the SumerKings, their dynasties, their location, and their time in power.  While this might not seem like such a mysterious piece, it gets better.  Scribed along with all of the kings names that have ever been in power, the King List also incorporates mythological events such as the Great Flood and the tales of Gilgamesh and this is just an example of the types of events that are included on the Kings List.  There all sorts of things that have been recorded, mostly to do with things of mortal nature.  
Having said that, there is also a particular passage that deals with a more extraterrestrial nature.  It has long been speculated that ancient Sumerian glyphs suggest that their gods and goddesses are the face for something more that was going on.  It is believed that they were visited by extraterrestrials that gave them a host of magical powers that were used in their daily live and cultivate the land.  I guess you could kind of say that it has been up for debate for many years.  Well, I can now tell you with certainty that this debate can come to an end.  
We have used the magical properties of the king's list to reanimate the Sumerian gods.  As a means to pass this gift onto the next person, we have created this piece with the energies of the King's List.  This artifact reanimates that gods that visited the Sumerians in ancient times.  These are the ones who gave the Sumerians many forms of ancient powers and magic.  
This piece gives you a deeper knowledge and understanding of magic.  It gives you the powers of the cosmological for that exists at the center of the universe.  This is the same powers the ancient gods were born of and the same life force that creates everything around you that you see each day.  In order to create magic, you simply need to know how to manipulate the magic.  This is where this piece comes in.  The gods will teach you how to manipulate the life force, in order to create the magic that you want.  This will be give you to you through a special linguistic code that you can say.  This is why magic words work and why spells an incantations will also work.  This is why secrets can be hidden through all kinds of manuscripts, etc.  Simply using the words that will be give to you, you will be able to create and use all kinds of magic, just like the Sumerians in their times.  
Sterling silver and moonstone.

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