An Automatic Connection

An Automatic Connection

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This piece is one that we found on an investigation that we were called and asked to do. Long story short, this lady that we know had a friend who insisted that her house was being haunted. Yes, the house was being haunted, but no not by anything that meant her any harm. Although, if you're not keen to the paranormal, I can see how you might be freaked out a bit when you have some other types of entity dwelling in your abode. That's why she made haste in offering us this piece to get rid of whatever was supposedly troubling her.

This piece once belonged to a young clairvoyant, but that was many years ago. She has since moved on to other realms, although I can't quite tell if she has died or if she has chosen to go there herself. She chooses not to show herself or her whereabouts, although for a view into the human world she will offer you something in return. When wearing this piece she is able to see into the human realm to get a glimpse of what she once called home. In return, when you wear this piece you will gain an ability called psychic writing. This psychic writing will allow you to successfully write the future of yourself or anyone else that you have asked for. It will also allow you to write down spells that you ask of the young clairvoyant, as she is well versed. This piece also allows for psychometric touch, that is when you touch something you will be able to read its energy to see its origins and to follow the path along which it has traveled.

It's the stone in the piece that gives her the power and it is also the joint at which her soul will be connected to your own!  

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