An Extremely Rare White Light Bicorne
An Extremely Rare White Light Bicorne

An Extremely Rare White Light Bicorne

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This is a very powerful piece that holds the powers of an entity called the bicorne.  The bicorne is kind of like the unicorn except it has two horns, hence the “bi” part of its name.  They are very rare, to begin with, but the white light version of this creature is even more rare to find than the dark magic version.  The dark magic version has been described as looking like an over-fed beast kind of resembling a panther that spreads evil and dissent throughout the world.  Conversely, the bicorne of white light appears as a unicorn would appear but with two horns on its head instead of one.


As you can imagine, a bicorne is twice as powerful as a unicorn.  When found in its dark magic form, it is the only natural enemy of the unicorn.  When found in its white light version, it is a more powerful ally. This is obviously the white light version because we don’t usually sell dark entities.   The bicorne holds a great deal of white light magic in its first horn. It has been inset with all types of magically charged amulets. These are in the form of colored glass, all sorts of natural gemstones, sometimes gold and silver, and other types of very ornate thing.  These come from the realm in which the bicorne resides where these things grow naturally like trees grow on Earth. The first horn grants the Bicorne a tremendous amount of magic. It can foresee the future. It can perform white light healing. It can grant psychic powers.  It can allow you to fly on the astral realms. However, the second horn that it holds, it uses to stab evil right in the heart and send it back to where it came from. As such, this piece can also be used for this power. It will stab evil entities with a blast of white light that will eradicate any evil that you might come across, demons otherwise.


This piece is very powerful as it was made with amulets that came from the horn of a bicorne.  It will grant you a whole bunch of magical white light abilities like the ones listed above and more.  Again, it is rare that you come across a white light bicorne, so if these types of creatures are your thing, or if you are really into unicorns, then this piece is a definite must-have your personal collection.  

This piece also opens up for communication, charging and wish granting!

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