Ancient Egyptian Vampire Trinity
Ancient Egyptian Vampire Trinity
Ancient Egyptian Vampire Trinity

Ancient Egyptian Vampire Trinity

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The peculiarity around the finding of a black stone sarcophagus in Alexandria just doesn't want to go away.  More recently, a petition by more than 20,000 people has circulated, requesting to drink the liquid that the bones have been marinating in for thousands of years.  While some appear to simply be trolls there are others that take the matter more seriously.  In fact, the Department of Antiquities has issued a warning statement claiming that the water that has been found in the Sarcophagus is highly toxic and should not be consumed.  
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but usually, when the government says something, it is the opposite that is actually true.  The government would claim until they are blue in the face that they always wear these little white hats and try their hardest to protect their citizens.  This simply isn't true.  Neither are the claims that the water in the black stone sarcophagus is mere "sewage water." I admire their willingness to cover up one of the greatest finds in human history.  However, don't be one of those people that buy things just because people who are supposedly authorized to say things say them.  You always have to be on your toes and ready to take your own measures.  
This precisely why we have an insider in very intriguing investigations.  These types of investigations go on daily, you just don't know about them.  Sometimes they are deadly, other times not so much.  You never really know what kind of power you are cracking open when you go digging around in an ancient tomb until its open and you're having to deal with it.  Good thing that the powers in this piece doesn't bring a curse.  Rather it holds the power of the Ancient god Anubis, who is the God of the Underworld.  It is an elixir that he buried the mummies in the first place, to keep them dead.  Or at least, to keep them from waking up.  
You see they technically aren't dead at all.  They are merely in a state of paralysis.  Anubis has created this state of paralysis to become their very own hell in which they will exist.  This is because these are three of the most terrific vampires that have ever walked the Earth.  They have left in their wake a bloodline of vampires that has kept on growing ever since.  All these immortals want to do is end their curse of immortal vampirism and die.  This is why they calling upon the government to allow them to drink the water.  They think that the curse will be reversed should they be allowed to have a taste.  This simply is not true.  They should know enough about themselves to realize that they can't die unless the one that created their bloodline dies first.   
Now, I'm not exactly up to speed on the story that the Department of Antiquities is dolling out to the public, but if you want to know the truth here it goes.  There were three sons born of Isis.  They were the bastard love children of an affair that she had with a mortal man.  She gave birth to three sons in the realm ethereal realms, where she raised them apart from her other children.  Eventually, they were forgotten about, until they devised a plan to steal the sun.  
The wanted the sun to cast darkness upon a world that simply forgot about them.  Their attempt to steal the sun was thwarted and Amun-Ra the sun god cursed them to drink the blood of mortals by the light of the moon.  Their immortality was given to them by their mother's blood.  They are, after all, demi-gods.  They cannot die unless it is by the hand of a mortal with a very powerful weapon that was created by Amun-Ra with rays from the sun.  Isis has carefully hidden this weapon, so Amun-Ra had Anubis do the next best thing and put the vampires into a deep sleep with a very powerful spell.  
The piece that we have is the reversal to that spell.  It was recovered from a vessel that was sent to us that was found with the sarcophagus.  It was vacuum sealed with its own spell, which is why the piece appears newer than what it really is.  We have broken the spell, obviously.  This is the resurrection piece for the Vampire Trinity.  The Griffins are the guards that hold the sacred blood ritual that opens up the powers of the Trinity.  You must place a drop of blood on the stone that is held by the Griffins in order to activate it.  It can be a drop of your own blood, or it can be a drop of animal blood.  It doesn't matter, but the piece has to be given a blood sacrifice in order to awaken the trinity.  
Once the piece has received its blood, it will turn into the same blood mixture that was found in the Sarcophagus that people so eagerly wish to drink.  This is the blood that has bound these vampires from returning to the world.  It is also the blood that will allow them to awaken. It is pure sanguine alchemy, there is no way around it.  It must be done in accordance to the way it was written or it will all fail.  A drop of blood, placed in the center stone held by the Guardians Griffins.  The Griffins are ancient Egyptian witches that will perform the blood ritual for you, effectively awakening the Sons of Isis, the Vampire Trinity.  
Once the Vampire Trinity has awakened, it will show itself to you in its true form.  These are the ageless, ancient Sons of Isis, who hold the powers of the goddess and her ability to create magic out of thin air.  As you wear this piece, you will notice that the Trinity works together to create powers sort of like the Holy Trinity works together to create miracles.  It takes the power of three because three is the perfect number in divine numerology. 
The members of the Vampire Trinity are shown dangling from this piece.  One is called the Eater, one is called the Granter, and one is called the Changer of Destiny.  The Eater is the first one of the Trinity.  No longer do they feast on blood.  Rather, in their perpetually spirit-form state, this eater will eat the souls that exist around you.  It will not go sucking souls from living bodies.  Rather, it will suck the souls from the astral realms.  There are millions upon millions of souls there for the taking.  
This souls energy will be passed on to the other two immortal vampires-- the granter and the changer.  The granter is the member of the Trinity who will grant you any power that you ask for.  It doesn't matter what power you ask for, either.  You are the one who holds the resurrection piece, so he must obey you at all times and give you the powers that you ask for.  This is one of the few and rare times that we offer a piece that can give you immortality if that is what you truly want.  Otherwise, the granter will grant even the most bizarre powers that are asked of him.
The Changer of Destinies is simply and powerfully that.  He is the Changer of Destinies.  He shows you your future and you can tell him how you want your destiny to play out.  He will change your destiny as many times as you call upon him to do so.  He can also change the destiny of others, just so you are aware.  You can use that tidbit of information to your advantage as well.  
This is seriously one of the most powerful vampire pieces that we have ever offered in our existence.  It is hard to find a piece like this, that offers a multitude of powers and a trinity of vampires.  In fact, this is the only Vampire Trinity piece we have ever offered because pieces like this just don't come along every day.  This piece is extremely rare and the power in his piece, unlike anything you've ever experience.  
Use this piece to resurrect the Vampire Trinity, the Sons of Isis.  It will be the most powerful experience you've ever had.    

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