Ancient Mind Glyph

Ancient Mind Glyph

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If you are an alien fanatic then you will know who the Majestic 12 are. If you do not know who the Majestic 12 are then I will suggest that you go and do some research. It will make this piece more meaningful. I could literally type a book describing the Majestic 12. You can even search our website for some of the work we’ve done in regards to the Majestic 12. They are an interesting bunch.  



Either way, this piece has been in possession of the Majestic 12 for some time. It was recovered in Egypt, but nobody really knows how old it is. The reason for this is because the piece has been found to contain age-defying magic. Therefore, if this piece was truly ancient it would appear to be newer. If it’s new it could appear as old if it has come from the future. We just don’t know a date for this piece and we haven’t had it tested, because honestly it doesn’t really matter.  



This piece was an item of interest because it holds a rare and unusual Egyptian hieroglyph. This ancient marking was gifted to the Egyptians by ancient visitors that came to them thousands of years before the pyramids were even here. They brought the ancient marking with them-- possibly even this piece. We don’t think it is that old, but again, there’s no telling for sure simply due to the time magic that has been placed in this piece.  



So, what does the glyph mean anyway? It is a marking that holds energies that will open up a portal within your mind. This portal will allow the magic of the cosmos to enter your mind. It will allow the energies of the cosmic brain to flow through your own mind as a river flows to the ocean. Your mind will become blended with these energies and eventually they will become one and the same.  



Instead of thinking with your own mind, you will now be able to think with the cosmic brain. You will retain your individuality and be able to control your own thoughts, but your knowledge will come from the cosmic brain. This includes the knowledge of magic and the ability to create your own powers and abilities.  



This piece will also allow you to use the power of the cosmos as a springboard from which you can leap into other dimensions and realms, including the past and the future!  




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