Ancient Multiple Power Casts!

Ancient Multiple Power Casts!

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This piece is a necklace that holds 5,000 spells from an old book of spells. These spells can’t be cast in the usual way because you can’t get a lot of what you need to do them or because of where you have to go to go them. Tomer had this done for me along with a few other pieces that go the same. We did these in costume pieces so they would be affordable to everyone. This is one of them. I will get the rest on as soon as I can. I have them for men too. Please ask if I don’t get them on right away. This necklace is adjustable for length and you only need to wear it when you’re asking for something and that’s all you do to use it. I will try to get more on today. 

I just went in and changed the inventory so you can purchase when it’s out of stock. Just let me know for a man or woman.

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