Ancient Vampire at the Portico
Ancient Vampire at the Portico

Ancient Vampire at the Portico

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Things in ancient times weren't so different than they are now. You got up and went to work every day. You can home and raised your children. Oh, and when you were bored you headed down to your local mall to hang out. Except in those days, clusters of shops were called a portico. Porticos were seen as the hun of business for a town or city and they sold anything from handcrafted vases to farm fresh produce. Why am I tell you all this? Because I need you to understand what I mean when I tell you Greece, in all its ancient glory, developed and maintained a portico that they kept hidden well from the eye of the public. It was a paranormal Portico, a place for secret socities and people who were taught in mystery schools to come and trade their favorite pieces. These pieces were superchaged with magic and contained anything from basic protection spells to the ability to completely transform yourself into a different entity than what you were born.

The origins of the piece that you re getting egin with the Portico. That's because the power was stored in a vessel for thousands of years. It was unearthed at the portico, which was found by archaeologists thousands of years later. They have no idea what it was used for and they think the vessels that they have found there are just some orm of ancient jewelry and/or decoration. Either way, this vessel, in particular, came from a wealthy Grecian merchant who had found it on one of his expedition on the Silk Road. Admittedly he doesn't remember exactly where it came from, but that's not the point. We only know this becaus we have been able to develop a psychic connection to the piece, which has allowed us to see the handling of the vessel.

The piece you are getting is not the original vessel but holds the original powers of the vessel that we received that came from the archeological portico discovery. The original artifact is a red crystal, about the size of a deck of cards. In this crystal are odd markings. They are the same markings that you will see on the piece that you are getting. They are on the beads of the necklace. They are what holds the power in this particular piece. It is the presence of an ancient vampire.

This vampire is so old that it doesn't need to feed off the blood of humans. It was around in spirit form before humans were even a thought. It existed in the void and flew over the face of the Earth before God said let there be light and the Sun illuminated everything. Most of the spirits and spirit forms went scattering like cockroaches, but a few remained. He is one of them. He eventually was able to create a human body form for himself and he has traveled the world in this form for thousands upon thousands of years.

When you get this piece, the markings on the necklace will create a psychic bond between you and your vampire. This will give you the ability to become like a vampire but will not undergo a complete transformation. What does this vampire use for food? He doesn't need food, he only needs sunlight. Sunlight holds the cosmic energies and rays that he lives off of. It is how he survives and also how he gains his magic and sorcery. He has been acquiring the magic of these cosmic energies for thousands of years, so I'm sure you can imagine exactly how powerful he is by now.

This brings me back to my original point. When you own this piece, you gain the presence of a cosmic vampire who is thousands of years old. There is nothing that this vampire cannot grant for you. All those things that are associated with vampires will come to you naturally when you wear this piece-- superhuman strength, speed, and agility. The ability to control minds with mesmerization and hypnosis will be yours. Psychic awakening will be yours. This guy gets into it though. He can do things like making time stand still. He can vanquish entire entities from existence. He can speak destiny into existence and he can use his cosmic energies to change your life course. I'm telling you, there is literally nothing that you can ask this vampire for that he cannot grant to you. He really is that powerful.

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