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Not too long ago, we encountered a man with the ability to perform just about any ability he desired although he reassured us that he could not make himself invincible or fly although he wished he could. When we asked how he had obtained his abilities, he spoke of an angelic being, at first referring to it as an angel. He told us that the alleged angel had appeared before him, had touched him, and had empowered him with magic that he could use for anything he wanted under the condition that it never be used for harm.

As we have had encounters with angels in the past, we knew that what this man believed had been an angel was likely anything but—individuals do not inherit magic from angels—and set out to find out what it was that the man had actually discovered before receiving his abilities. That was quite some time ago and we hadn't found anything immediately after. It wasn't until about a two years later that we encountered a second individual who had never met the first and her story was almost exactly like the man prior except she appeared to know exactly what she had encountered.

She called it a Tennin and had grown up hearing about them in the stories her grandmother would tell her as a young child.

While investigating this creature, we learned quite a bit but the one thing that stood out among all the information that we gathered is that it is very unlikely that one can find one these spirits naturally. Tennin tend to be very illusive and can be very introverted spirits. It is capable of passing magic onto whomever it touches but it is not too often that it decides to do so. Normally, the spirit is drawn by chance and what it looks for in the one it empowers is not explicitly clear. However, with time—closer to six years—and immense effort, we have developed a piece that attracts them effectively.

This piece draws them to you. You will come across the spirit in physical being while you are out, it will touch you, and it will give you magical abilities. After your encounter with a Tennin, you will no longer need this piece—or any piece—to draw magic again.

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