Angelic Summoner and the 72 Names of God
Angelic Summoner and the 72 Names of God

Angelic Summoner and the 72 Names of God

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This is a sterling silver, vintage angelic pin or pendant.


this piece comes from a place called the Temple of Moses. The Temple of Moses is a hidden, underground temple that is run by a sect of Jews who trace their roots back to the very Kabbalistic Essenes. They run this temple like a secret society. I'm not sure why they call their temple the Temple of Moses. He wasn't an Essene, but hey, it's their secret society, not mine.


Either way, they have some very powerful types of magic. Some they have received from their ancestors, others they have to receive the same way we have received some of ours-- by using magic to travel to places and acquiring it. They also have some of the relics that could be found in the cave of treasures once upon a time.


This piece holds the powers and abilities of a relic that the Temple of Moses found in the Cave of Treasure. This piece holds the white light magic of God, as given directly to Adam and Eve as he met with them in the Garde of Eden. That was before their departure. They took the relic with them when they left. They put it in the Cave of Treasure and there it stayed until the Temple of Moses discovered it during an astral journey they took.


The piece that you are getting is not the original artifact. That is with the Temple of Moses. Rather, it is a duplicate piece, which is better because if you had to buy the original it would be way more expensive than this one. This piece was sent to us as a duplicate.


At face value, this piece is an angelic summoner. It allows you to summon any angel that you want. Whether that is a low-ranking angel or the most powerful of the Archangels, this piece will allow you to summon their presence. You can use the angels to use their abilities, acquire their magic, etc.


However, this piece also holds the knowledge of the Ein Sof and the tree of light, so it will also reveal the 72 names of God to you one at a time. This will reveal the 72 powers that are associated with the name. No, we are not listing them. We never do. These are powers that you will have to learn on your own, as once you know them you are forbidden to repeat them. They are God's secret names to reveal to whom he chooses.  


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