Antique, Sterling Silver, One-of-a-kind Ring:  Cosmonic Duality and the Roots of the Tree of Life
Antique, Sterling Silver, One-of-a-kind Ring:  Cosmonic Duality and the Roots of the Tree of Life
Antique, Sterling Silver, One-of-a-kind Ring:  Cosmonic Duality and the Roots of the Tree of Life
Antique, Sterling Silver, One-of-a-kind Ring:  Cosmonic Duality and the Roots of the Tree of Life
Antique, Sterling Silver, One-of-a-kind Ring:  Cosmonic Duality and the Roots of the Tree of Life

Antique, Sterling Silver, One-of-a-kind Ring: Cosmonic Duality and the Roots of the Tree of Life

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It wasn’t the first time that I was using the piece.  In fact, I had experimented with the piece several times before, but I guess this time was the lucky time.  Or, at least it was the time when the piece would finally begin working for me. My experience was a strange one, but it was super enlightening.  In fact, I got to experience a part of myself that I never even knew existed. When I first slipped the ring onto my finger my reality began to fade away.  Sitting in front of me was the second version of myself. I began to realize that I had made some kind of error, only I hadn’t. This was truly what this piece wanted me to see.  It was a perfect version of myself. No blemishes, no scars, I was no longer overweight. I literally existed as a truly perfect form of myself.  

I sat, legs crossed on a stone floor with my hands in an outreached position as though I was going to start playing one of those hand-clapping games that children play in the schoolyard.  I reached out with my own hands and pressed them against the outreached ones. It was at this point that I realized the powers in this piece had finally come to me. I could felt a tingling in my palms as I pressed them against the palms of my perfect self.  I began to feel my soul leave my body and it was at this point that I realized that the powers of this piece had come alive for me. However, before I delve into the rest of my experience there are some other things that I must cover.  


When I say the words, “tree of life,” or, “tree of knowledge,” I’m sure that everybody has a different notion of what that means.  Everybody visualizes it differently. However, this piece will give you all a second look at life and what the tree of life actually is.  You see, humanity is a Sacred Grove. We are all extensions of the Tree of Life. Until using this piece I didn’t understand that. To be honest, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that.  It is obviously something that isn’t widely known because until this point I had never really known that. God did not create the Tree of Life, if simply always existed. 

 Furthermore, it has always been said that he created man from the dust, but I think this was just to cover up the fact that the Tree of Life is so powerful  I’m not saying that He lied, I’m saying that humanity misinterpreted the visions that God was giving them. There were not smart enough to understand, because they needed the power of the Tree of Life to fully realize what God was trying to show them.  That was the catch 22. The thing is that the Tree of Life isn’t even a tree at all. It is a network of energies that exist as the center of the universe. 

 I have long told you all that these are the same energies that God used to create our galaxy and all that you will experience in life.  He has tried to show humanity the existence of this Tree time and time again, but it has failed, because in order to understand you need to experience it, but to experience the Tree of Life is to be set free and I don’t think he was willing to part with the humans he has created and he wasn’t ready to exposed that kind of information to their fragile, delicate minds.  This is why the “fruit” of the Tree of Knowledge was forbidden. It is also why Satan convinced Even to eat this fruit. He figured if he could cause a great enlightenment for humanity that the humans would be easier to win over in his battles against God. However, even after he exposed the fruit to Adam and Even they still didn’t get it.  

In fact, it wasn’t until much, much later when a sect of Kabbalist sorcerers took to studying ancient texts that aren’t even part of the Bible that they came across the true meaning of the Tree of life.  They call themselves the Elders of the Tree. There is only a small number in this group, but it isn’t about numbers for them. It is about the fact that they have solved one of the biggest riddles in the history of mankind.  What exactly is the Tree of Life and where does it truly exist.? I guess the answer to this is in all of us. This is probably how just about every culture in the world has a Tree of Life mythology or belief.  

You see, the Tree of Life isn’t a Tree at all.  It is the existence of ancient knowledge that exists at the center of the universe.  The roots of the tree are where knowledge, magic, and energy are fed into the tree from sources all over the universe.  It is the knowledge that the tree uses to sustain its life and the magic that it is able to create. This knowledge is then fed into our universe and existence.  It extends out to the far corners of existence. These are the branches of the Tree.  

The most powerful part of this magic is the trunk of the tree.  This is at the center of the universe. It is called the cosmos and this is where the human psyche and spirit is born that has been used to create humanity.  So, while the shell of humanity might have been formed from dirt (like a golem), the soul and spirit that belongs to each and every one of us has been created from the Tree of Life, or this network of magic and energy that runs through the universe like our nerves run through our bodies.  

Using this piece, here is what I was able to find out.  As noted earlier, I sat palm to palm with an entity that looked just like myself.  This other self that I encountered is actually called the Cosmonic Self. It is a mirror image of your human self, but it is a god-form of yourself that exists in solitude until you your spirit is finished living out its lifecycles and returns to the Cosmos-- or Heaven.  This is where God lives in light and knowledge. It is the magic that he has used to create his kingdom, angels, and all that you’ve ever read about.  

When your soul returns to the cosmos, it goes to live in your Cosmonic self.  This is you, only you exist with the full power of the cosmos and in a deified form.  In this form, you become part of the Tree of Life and you are able to know things about the universe that you would not have been able to know before.  Let me back up just a little bit to explain how this Cosmonic Self was born. When you are born of the Tree of Life, you are born as a dual entity. You are two-in-one.  Half of your existence is a god-form. The other half is the human form that you know now. Your god-form is connected to the Tree, your mortal form is not.  

Again, when your lifecycles are over, you return to the cosmos and are returned to your god form.  This is why there is so much talk of becoming “one” or becoming “whole” through most religions of the world.  It is a bonding between body and spirit. It is a homecoming where you are returned to your prior state of superiority and you exist as a god and you are able to use the powers of the cosmos to do as you wish.  This is why God has said that we will have a seat at his table-- because we will become gods like him and share in his secrets.  

So, when I was using this piece, it allowed me to experience my Cosmonic Self, my true god-form and that is what’s depicted on this rng.  It is the merging and comprehension of the mortal self with the deified self, which is root in the Tree of Knowledge. Not only did it allow me to experience it, but when I laid my hands on top of its hands my soul was pulled from my mortal body into the cosmos.  I was given an understanding of the entirety of the universe. I shed my mortal skin and became my Cosmonic Self, my deified form.  

In this form, I was able to travel through the Tree of Knowledge like a fish swimming in the ocean.  There are branches that extend to the far corners of the universe. I was able to see all things from the beginning of time until now.  I was able to understand and comprehend all magic and all energies. I could use that magic and those energies to create my own magic.  I became whole again and was able to see the meaning of true existence what it meant to be a god. I was filled with divine wisdom and my ability to navigate the Cosmos and all it had to offer became second nature to me.  I was able to exist in any place that I wanted to exist, in any form that I wanted to take. It was a true relinquishment of my mortal existence and ascendance into a white light deified form. All things could become possible as long as I thought them into existence.  It was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had to date.  

Here’s the thing.  I figured that once I was done testing this piece that my powers would eventually subside and I’d return to my normal self.  However, the Elders of the Tree built this piece to last. All you have to do is bond enough with the piece to have the same experience I had.  If you are using the piece and working with it enough, you will. When you come out of this experience, you will retain your Cosmonic Self. It will reside inside of this ring and as long as you are wearing the ring you will exist in unison with your Cosmonic Self and you will become a deity on Earth.  This is the ability to control the Tree of Life, it’s knowledge and magic, while you are still on Earth.  

You will be able to create any and all magic.  You are able to summon and control all forms of life.  You will be able to see into the cosmos to gain wisdom and enlightenment and guidance for your spiritual journey.  You will continue to increase in power, because once you start growing you will not stop, just like the Tree of Life never stops growing.  You will be fed by the roots of the tree and you will become part of the Cosmos network of knowledge. There are not very many people who are afforded this ability, so the fact that you are able to be able to live in this form while on Earth is extremely rare and obviously extremely powerful.  We call it the Cosmonic Duality, because with the ring on you become a deity. When you take it off, you exist only in your mortal form. It is a very powerful tool to reign in the magic from beyond and manifests it here on Earth.                    

This is a sterling silver, antique, one-of-a-kind ring that you will not find anywhere else.  It was created by the Elders of the Tree for the purpose of bringing this magic to Earth.                                       `

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