Arcane Protection Magic

Arcane Protection Magic

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This piece was created with the protection magic of the ancients, particularly the Neanderthals.  They might have been primitive humans, but they also had ancient forms of magic.  The particular piece that was used to make this piece was a necklace made out of Eagle talons.  The eagles were used as sacrifices to the gods, who then granted them protection both spiritual and physical.  The piece was made as a fetish piece to holds the energies of the sacrifices that they made, which gave them a direct connection to the gods of protection. 

The energies from that piece have been relocated into this newer piece.   When you wear this piece you gain a shield of protection that will follow you wherever you go.  This is a spiritual shield that will first omit all of the negativity and evil from your life and seal it off disallowing it to ever come back again! 

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