Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]
Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]
Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]
Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]
Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]
Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]

Archangels By the Hour [Antique clock made w/ Bakelite and Glass]

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If you want something that is going to bring you the best of the best in the category of white light magic, this is the piece for you.  This clock is extremely powerful in what it can bring to you.  This is thanks to an anomaly that was experienced in the 1930s.  This anomaly was something that we personally experienced.  Rather, we received this piece from one of the descendants of the man who originally traveled through the portal where it was created.  

The guys name was Archie and he was from New York City.  However, he wasn't like your typical New Yorker, not even for the 1930s.  Since a young age Archie was intrigued with traveling the world and so when he grew up he became sort of a jack-of-all-trades.  He was a scientist by trade, but that is kind of where the lines get blurred.  He was a little bit of an archaeologist, a little bit of a historian, a little bit of a paleontologist, and the list just gets longer from there.  The point is that he traveled the world, because he loved exploring and adventure.  

Archie traveled the world and did it all.  He explored the Mayan Temples of Mexico, he explored the temples of the Amazon in South America, he did excavation work at the Pyramids of Giza, and he even helped unveil a sphinx in Asia.  He found a second set of the Ten Commandments that were carved into an emerald tablet in Palestine and he explored many abandoned monasteries in Nepal and Tibet.  Throughout his lifetime he had uncovered many amazing artifacts, some of which have carried minor powers with them.  According to Archie this is the first time that he had experienced a piece of this caliber!  

In 1936 Archie conceived the notion that he was going to search for the Garden of Eden. His search took him many places, mostly throughout the Middle East and the African Continent.  Finally, he was led by a modern-day wiseman while searching in Libya.  The wiseman was given a vision that instructed Archie to travel to the jungles of Botswana and he would be given directions once he arrived.  

Archie did really understand, but he wasn't one to turn down adventure, so he traveled to Botswana as he was told.  From his diary that handed down to his descendant that gave us this piece, he reported feeling a magnetic and energizing feeling radiate from deep within his soul.  He wrote that it was if his soul was being guided to where he needed to be.  His voyage to Botswana and his trip in Botswana took around 40 days-- which isn't just a coincidence.  On the 40th day, Archie recalls feeling mesmerized, almost like he wasn't in control of his own body.  

During his trance, he said his body was led by a gleaming red stone in the jungle.  It was well hidden.  His journal said that it was his body that made the journey by that some foreign power had control of his motions and thoughts.  As he neared the res tone, he laid his hand on it, simply because that is what he felt was the right thing to do.  He immediately felt a tingling sensation go up his arm and them throughout his entire body.  

Suddenly before him stood two large gates that reached up into the sky.  on the gates were two enormous lion heads made out of alabaster with gold rings in their mouth and rubies for eyes.  The gates swung open and Arhchie walked through.  He recounts in great detail the many beautiful things and foreign entities that he saw while traveling through, but the most exciting part is when he discovered what he referred to as an electric current.  

The current flows through the Garden, in the air.  He was magnetized and fixated by the current, so he did what anybody with a sense of adventure would do and he reached out to put his hand in it.  He said at first it felt like pins and needles, but not in a harmful way.  He said it also kind of felt like warm water washing over his hand.  It didn't stay that way for long, as the energies of the current quickly swept his entire body in. 

Inside of the current, as Archie writes, was an inner peace unlike anything he had ever felt in his life.  Every woe or stress that he had ever had didn't exist with him there.  He was surrounded by this material that was like liquid diamonds and he could hear the murmur of thousands of voices.  Oddly, he wrote that despite being completely submerged in the diamond liquid he was fully able to breath and comprehend what was going.  In the next instant he found himself being zipped through the universe kind of like the capsules are taken to the teller if you go through the drive through at a bank.  

Now is an excellent time for me to take a break and tell you that Archie carried with him a clock made of bakelite and glass.  It was a beautiful clock.  When he traveled he'd camp out or sometimes stay in different houses or places.  Naturally, he needed this clock to be able to make sure that he was punctual, so he carried it with him wherever he went.  He had it with him when he wound up in in the liquid crystal flying through the universe at an astronomical speed.  After a few seconds he said that he was spilled forth from the liquid crystal and entere a hall that was as white as a cloud.  There were several flames atop golden lampstands in the distance and pathways of gold that zigged and zagged all over.

There were messages carved into the white stone that made the pillars that supported the ceiling.  I know from personal experience that those are the names of angels.  Archie heard what he described as being like the rushing of water over a dam.  In an instant there was a being whose face he could not look upon.  The being reached out its hand, telling Archie to hand him the clock that he carried with him.  Archie obliged.  This was the only being that approached Archie.  There were 24 white light entities, the faces of whom Archie could not see because of their glory and the splendor with which God has created them.  

The first angel to touch his clock was the angel Michael.  Subsequently, each of the 23 other angels, representing the hours of the day stood before Archie, holding out their hands to touch his clock-- into which they set their full presence, power, and divine magic.  At last, a being 1000x brighter than the others appeared before them and they all bowed down with their faces to the ground.  The entity spoke to Archie, despite his inability to see, saying, "Behold the presence of myself and my father."  After this the clock was given back to Archie.  The billowing of trumpets began to resound within the Heavenly quarters and Archie kneeled to the floor with his eyes closed. When he opened them, he was back in the Botswana forest with his hand on the red stone.  No gates.  No alabaster lions.  

The thing is that Archie only ever dabbled in the paranormal.  He knew that something was going on with this piece, as evidenced in the journals that he kept.  He described being visited by "shining beings" while he was asleep at night.  He said one night he was visited by several of the beings, but by morning time he was satisfied to think that it was all just an elaborate dream.  He neve really fully understood the power of this piece until the day that he finally used it to ascend-- in bodily form-- into Heaven.  As the story goes, Archie was sitting on his covered porch in an estate he had bought in upstate New York.  He was smoking a pipe as he sometimes did and his daughter went to the porch to speak to him and Archie was simply gone, never to be seen again.  

We were led to this piece through a fellow investigator who suggested that we would be better qualified to work with this piece.  After Deedee received this piece and she worked with it for a while, she did eventually collect other clocks similar to this one.  She wanted to see if those also had the powers in them that this clock does, but she was let down each and every time.  This is a very exclusive piece and it is a once-in-a-lifetime find.  Now, I will explain to you what the clock will do for you.  

On the clock you will notice several things.  There is a Sun and the Earth.  There is a Moon.  There are stars.  The Moon and the Sun are the minute and hour hands. To be honest, this clock wasn't working when we got it and we don't know if it works with batteries in it or not, because we never checked.  We were too busy testing the magic in the piece, which is extremely, extremely powerful.  Honestly, whether or not this clock works as a clock is arbitrary, because you will not use it that anyway.  The Earth represents your current state of consciousness.  You are a mortal on Earth that isn't' anywhere near the evolution that this piece is going to give you.  

The Sun represents the powers of God.  When you use this piece the knowledge and powers of God will be given to you.  This includes all of his 72 names and powers, the knowledge of the Tree of Life, the knowledge of the seven pillars, the knowledge of the Holy Flam, and overall the knowledge of the Universe.  This is the ability to see through the Universal Eye of God and acquire unparalleled wisdom with which you will be able to create and maintain your own powers and abilities.  

The Moon represents Christ.  The sacrifice that Christ made, he made so that we could all be closer to the Universal Knowledge, which is God.  Christ is a necessary factor of this magic, because with the son there is no way to the father.  Thus, when you use this piece you will receive the Christ Consciousness.  You will receive the bloodline and generational knowledge of Christ in all his forms.  You will be allowed to ascend into Heaven if you choose, but for the first 70 years, only in spirit form.  You will be able to receive the secrets of Heaven and the powers of Heaven, just like John did when a portal was opened up for him in Revelations.  A little secret?  The Christ Consciousness in this piece also grants immortality-- if you want it.  

Finally, the stars represent the angels.  With this piece you will receive 24 angels.  They are the 24 guardians of the hours of the day.  Each of these angels rules one hour and they can be summoned by turning the hands of the clock to the hour to which they correspond.  These are called time-gates and they open portals through which the angel can come through, communicate with you, and grant you their divine powers and wisdom.  They are referred to as the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelations.  I'm not going to go through the entire list of all the angels and powers that you will get with this piece but here are a few examples of the archangels that you will be able to summon-- Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Raguel, Uriel, Ramiel, Azrael, Zerachael, Samael, and even Lucifer in his pure white light form before his fall from Heaven.  

You can experiment with the clock all you want when you get it.  Change the hands to different hours and meditate with it.  This will open up the time-gate that allows the angel to come to you.  You will make a connection to the angel and you will be able to acquire their magic, their essence, and their wisdom from there.  Again, this piece is bakelite and heavy glass.  It is an antique.  It is a very beautiful piece and while Deedee has been able to find similar items, there have never been any that have compared to the powers that are in this piece.  This is one for the ages.  Take advantage before somebody else does!!

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