Are You of the Bloodline of the Elohim?

Are You of the Bloodline of the Elohim?

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Genesis 6 talks about the daughters of Adam, never the sons. At that time there was a good reason for this. The daughters were the only ones to hold the X chromosome at that time. There also wasn’t a double helix binding around the DNA.

This bloodline or special gifting is from the Elohim. The Elohim is what held a constellation of miracles. This miracle is the splitting every single hour of your cells. Now while that happens today, right now as you read this, the double helix wasn’t around.

The mitosis and splitting of the cells carry the God power much long ago hidden. This power can be seen under a microscope but scientists don’t know it’s full potential.

What is coded in you? The amino acids, DNA, and double helix hold that power, the power of the constellation of miracles. This power is wrapped in the helix. 

Here is something else very interesting. It’s called cell or DNA memory. I have seen this in action more times then I could ever list. This goes from phobias to certain tastes in food but never gives the God power.

Here’s something else. If you're on my website or interested in the supernatural or paranormal, even religious miracles, there IS a reason! YOU come from the bloodline of the Elohim! 99.9 percent of people with an interest in the hidden, supernatural, etc are interested because of the double helix. You know something’s missing but you can’t seem to fix it. That’s because somewhere along the way the bloodline of Cain came into play. These were also known as the people at the bottom of the mountain. They couldn’t be trusted with a power like that and the DNA was made into a double blind.

Going further into this we look at the generations of Noah. None of them came from Tartes. That bloodline was without blemish. That bloodline survived with the mixing of the Elohim.

Now here is a secret in Genesis 5.

Adam translates to MAN
Seth translates to APPOINTED
Enosh translates to MORTAL
Cainan translates to SORROW 
Mahalalel translates to THE BLESSED GOD
Jared translates to SHALL COME DOWN
Enoch translates to TEACHING
Methuselah translates to HIS DEATH SHALL BRING 
Lamech translates to THE DISPARAGING 
Noah translates to COMFORT

Now read the all caps from top to bottom. The comfort speaks of GOD, the accurate translation, not Jesus. This means you will gain back your power nearer to a certain time. These are the secrets, the gifts of the double helix created by God. Mind blowing isn’t it!

These pieces will be all sterling and they are created to charge the helix. They will also go as far back as Adam to gather all cell memory. This memory must be charged back in you because in order to gain the power it must be awakened. You will be given two pieces. One sterling ring, they will all be of the type shown. Different styles and stones. You may or may not get the exact ring in the pics but it will be sterling and will have a stone. These are examples of the type of rings. Also if your name is strange please tell us what you are, male or female. Do NOT tell me your one of the 56 other genders that don’t exist! I don’t care what you do in your bedroom or with whom, not my business plus I’m a freak. Just tell me male or female! For the men you will get a sterling ring as well. The second piece is a simple magnet. With this magnet you will be told how to activate the powerful double helix.

This is a event that will change the life, forever.

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