Area 51, The Black Mosaic Project | STAR
Area 51, The Black Mosaic Project | STAR
Area 51, The Black Mosaic Project | STAR
Area 51, The Black Mosaic Project | STAR

Area 51, The Black Mosaic Project | STAR

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Area 51 has a long list of reasons why it is one of the most difficult places for us to gather information to talk about but that doesn’t mean we don’t try. What’s not to love about surveillance in every crevice, motion detection all over the place and a bunch of guys with huge guns with a strict order to kill on sight? Sign us up… not. At any rate, Area 51 has still been one that we’ve spent years trying to figure out with the little access we’ve had. We’ve gathered small bits of information and have been lucky enough to offer up items here and there but we’ve never come across something quite this big.


The primary purposes of Area 51 is experimentation—experimentation of various categories—mass weaponry, weapon systems, artificial intelligence and even mutated weaponized viruses. We often experience their results without noticing it because, in order for these projects to be finalized, human testing and or population exposure are the finally “stepping stones”.  


That being said, we discovered something called The Black Mosaic Project and it is one that we were rather lucky to catch wind of because it’s not brand new—they’ve been working on it for decades—and two of the three are in the final stages of its development; the human trials. The third one—items that give off a certain area of affect within which they can be accessed for a short period of time—has been complete and likely in use for close to six years and every single piece that is currently in use is documented… or it’s supposed to be.


The Black Mosaic Project—or simply Black Mosaic—is a plot of psychological weaponry in three forms; physical, direct contact and or airborne. It’s not a disease but it acts like one no matter what form and what it does is it opens the brain up like a source—like a random Wikipedia page you can stumble upon on the Internet… and I mean this very literally. All information that exists in the host can be accessed, altered, deleted or new information can be added at any time. The way it works is simple; it seeps into the body and circulates to the brain specifically where it mimics the electrical waves of the brain so the body—the host in general—is completely unaware that something is different. The body accepts the foreign presence seamlessly. They do not know when their brain is being accessed, they do not know when they have forgotten something because they don’t know to look for it anymore and new ideas—regardless of how ludicrous—are accepted because they both believe them to be their own and they accept them.


This form of mind control could make someone do anything, could make them believe anything, make them say anything, make them forget anything—to a person with this piece, anything with a brain that exists within their reach is accessible and controllable.


In short, this piece is complete and ultimate mind control—the exact definition of it and it is designed to work flawlessly. We have witnessed first hand some of the things that this can do and when we received a pair of these devices for ourselves, it was quite easy to conclude that we have never really seen anything like it before.


It completely ignores and easily penetrates psychological protection. Up until recently, we discovered that there wasn’t a single psychological protection item that even we had that could hold this piece back. We discovered that the only way to block off the power of this piece or detect the presence of it was for another person to be wearing one themselves.


We’ve seen this piece pull some of the deepest darkest secrets out of people, ones that not a single other soul knew. We have watched this piece completely shut down one’s mental capabilities, leaving them in a drone-like state during which they could be commanded to do anything. We have seen this piece cause someone to believe something—anything—the wearer had desired for them to believe. We have witnessed someone instill and or condition a host with psychological illnesses—schizophrenia, anxiety and or panic, etc.—that can be triggered with the smallest things; disobedience, the attempt to lie, the attempt to steal, etc.

On the flip side, we cannot touch the person in possession of this item. Their mind is completely blank and psychics who rely on their ability to see through the brainwaves of other individuals, to them, they can not even feel the existence of any person who is wearing this item; with it on, they're gone, with it off they're there.

We recommend this piece above all other psychological pieces for those interested in complete mind control; this is the ultimate option and it is guaranteed to succeed where all else has failed. We do have two of these but we are only willing to part with one.

This is a men's ring, size 12. You will have to get used to its power due to the fact that it is already powerful and it is also super charged by the special charging stone it is displayed upon in the pictures.

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