Arf, Arf, Good Hell Hound

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11/3/23 yearly sale.

This piece holds the presence of a hell hound that we caught while on an investigation of a cemetery in Nebraska.  He attempted to attack us, but you know that wasn't going to happen, because we always come prepared.  We trapped him into this white light piece.  After about 72 hours of being in the White light vessel, the hound seems to have changed his ways.  
If you are a paranormal investigator or if you go on investigations like we do, then you truly know that carrying some sort of protection vessel or entity is an absolute necessity.  Enter this piece.  It holds the presence of the Hell Hound that we captured.  He has been completely rehabilitated an hates the presence of evil.  When you take him on investigation he will keep you extremely safe.  Or if you don't do investigations and you just what a white light companion, he will also keep you safe.  He will literally seek and destroy all evil that is in your vicinity, thus clearly any dark energies that may attached themselves to your life.  He is the definition of valiant white light warrior and grand protector.
We have not named him yet, so that way when you get the piece, he will show himself to you and you can call him whatever you'd like.  Arf, arf.  Good doggy!!  

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