Aristophone of the Divine Wisdom

Aristophone of the Divine Wisdom

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This is a piece that we made ourselves by summoning the presence of a Grecian fortune teller. Her name is Aristophone and she served on the royal court of Alexander the Great. You will not ever hear about her in history books or anything like, simply because the rulers of those days wanted to claim their own victories and they did not want the public to know that they relied on a consultation with a fortune teller to be able to win battles. However, this was the case and with the help of Aristophone, Alexander was able to expand his borders and is perhaps the most well-known Greek ruler in history. You know they say behind every great man is a great woman, and in the case of Alexander, this was certainly the case.

This piece is not spirited, so you don't exactly own the spirit, but the energies in the piece summon forth the presence of Aristophone. When she comes to you it will obviously be in spiritual form because she has been dead for quite a while now, serving the spirits in the realms of the afterlife. When she comes to you she will show you your future. She will show you every minute detail. If you are less than thrilled with the outcome, Aristophone will be your mentor and spiritual guide who will show you how to change, not only your future circumstance but also the circumstance that you are facing now. This knowledge has been instilled in her by the gods, so you can consider this divine intervention. It doesn't matter what you want worked into or out of your life, Aristophone has the wisdom to be able to help you.

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