Ars Almadel, Forth Book of the Lesser Key of Solomon | STAR
Ars Almadel, Forth Book of the Lesser Key of Solomon | STAR
Ars Almadel, Forth Book of the Lesser Key of Solomon | STAR
Ars Almadel, Forth Book of the Lesser Key of Solomon | STAR

Ars Almadel, Forth Book of the Lesser Key of Solomon | STAR

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From cover to cover, Ars Almadel is a shock to the system. We sincerely doubt that you've had the opportunity to look at the authentic grimoire yourself - very few have seen it, don't feel bad - but, if ever the opportunity somehow made itself known, we do not recommend passing it up. There are few books that, at least on a secretive level, have more sacred or secret information to offer than this one. To be clear, the grimoire we are referencing is not the one that currently sits in the hands of mortals. There are also not copies. There is only one book for each of the four books of the Lesser Key of Solomon - that is it. That is the primary way we know for certain that many of the people we encounter who say they've seen into the book before actually haven't. That isn't to say that they are lying - many people do believe they have at least looked upon the covers of the book before when in actually they haven't. It's that simple. We have made the same mistake ourselves.

Before encountering the real grimoire, we had seen copies, most of which had been preserved well and we do believe they were as old as they looked but the atmosphere simply is not the same. The authentic Ars Almadel is surrounded by a protective aura packed with a surprisingly even mixture of light and dark magic. It deflects both forms of magic. It cannot be damaged or destroyed, at least not that we know of - we did not test that particular theory ourselves. Succeeding in destroying something so irreplaceable doesn't really seem like it would be something in our best interest, you know?

Anyway, the book contains an extraordinary amount of information. Including, earlier forms of what we believe to be the exact image Leonardo da Vinci may have used to inspire his own image and the theory that went along with the Vitruvian Man but the construction of the image and theory were completely different. Not only that, it was not meant to be the design of what is meant to be the perfect image of a man. It is the construction of God's physical form, the one he would take if and when he walked among humans.

There is the Tree of Life, which is also depicted differently. It is called instead the Tree of Bloodlines, it documents every last bloodline under the Holy Grail for over two thousand generations and even contains the exact location of it in the physical realms. It cannot be accessed by ordinary mortals nor by any traditional means. In other words, you can't just hope to buy a plane ticket, find a secret temple or door, a key and waltz right up to the Tree of Bloodlines. Even if you could, you also couldn't expect to see an actual tree. The tree itself, according to the grimoire, is just a literal take on something that has been manipulated by generations of ignorant people who pledge their alliance to God without knowing just how powerful he is. God does not frown upon any of them, it is just a general concept; the truth about God, his power and the power that he set aside for us is lost.

The book mentions the grand grimoire. It reveals the true meaning behind much of the content that cannot be understood by most others outside of demons and priests or priestesses trained under the grand grimoire itself.

It contains the true meaning - the general purpose - God had in mind when he created mankind. In other words, the meaning of life, the purpose of humans and therein lies your purpose. This answer appears differently to anyone who looks upon this particular grimoire.

It contains the true laws of angels, the realm of Heaven and how they have been implemented into the original Holy Relics, all of which are necessary to be fully embodied in order for someone to interact with authentic holy relics. This means, only one embodied with all of the original laws of the realm of Heaven can drink from the Holy Grail. Only one embodied by these laws may create items, draw power or manifest holy magic from the fragments of the cross upon with Jesus was crucified on. Only one embodied by these laws can be crowned with a halo while remaining among the living.

That is just to list a few. By the end of this book, we have found that there is a number of things that we thought we knew with confidence that turned out to be a bit different than we thought. Upon acknowledging this, believing and resigning ourselves to the knowledge of this grimoire, this piece came to us. In a short version, what it does is essentially complete awakening.

More specifically, it takes all that we mentioned here and even stuff that we haven't and allows you to become filled with the knowledge, understanding and the power to access it where you otherwise wouldn't be able to. For example, with this piece, you can look upon the Tree of Bloodlines and access the otherwise lost power that God set aside for humans upon their creation. The power itself is derived directly from his own and is undoubtedly pure and great. You can understand and retain sacred knowledge otherwise only accessed through certain higher priests or priestesses trained under it. You will become aware of the true meaning of life as well as yours specifically. You will never require or even experience the need to look into the Ars Almadel because you will have already been exposed to all of the power upon becoming connected with this piece. Additionally, it is specific to any one person. In other words, no one will ever be able to use this piece after you come into possession of it. You will need to make the conscious decision to release your claim to this piece in order for another person to own or even make use of it. That being said, we don't know why you would do such a thing. This power is unique and one of a kind. There will certainly never be a duplicate.

This piece is extremely unusual. We have gotten another piece like this a long time ago and it did a completely different thing. It is definitely a mystic piece created from another world and contains extreme power. To be able to know the truth of all things otherwise hidden.


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