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This piece is a golden-tone necklace with gorgeous crystals!!

This piece holds the power of something that is very sacred to Himalayan Buddhists. It's called the Ashtamangala, which breaks down to the ashta meaning eight and mangala meaning auspicious. Together these words refer to a collective of eight auspicious symbols that are thought to bring success in different areas of your life.

The magic from this piece was set into it from an inscription summoning the power of the eight symbols that we found during an investigation years ago. We have just been hanging on this piece because we put it in storage and kind of forgot about it. Deedee found it the other day, so we tested it again and we are not putting it on the website.

This piece summons the 8 symbols and brings you their corresponding magic. Below are the 8 symbols and what kinds of success they will bring to you.

1. Conch Shell-- this is an ancient symbol of beauty and, as such, brings you beauty in whatever form you desire it.

2. Endless Knot-- this is the symbol of the unity of everything. This symbol brings you harmony with nature and the elements and will allow you to utilize their energies for spell-casting.

3. Pair of Golden Fish-- They represent the success of all sentient beings and when called upon they can grant you success in whatever areas of your life you are lacking.

4. Lotus Flower-- It symbolizes transformation and thus will allow you to transform your life from what it is now into whatever you want it to be whether that incorporates wealth in business, love, and marriage, good health, or something else.

5. Parasol-- The parasol is a blanket of protection that will surround you and keep you safe from evil and from danger. It will protect the success and wealth you manifest for yourself so that no one can ever destroy it.

6. Vase-- This symbolizes wealth and prosperity and will grant you the wealth that desire in your life. It also symbolizes health and wisdom and will help you to grow old and wise in age.

7. Dharkmchakra-- This symbol represents success in all that you do no matter what you undertake, as long as it isn't evil or malice. It will help you overcome your obstacles and follow the path of righteous destiny.

8. Victory Banner-- This is the war flag that will assure victories in all the battles you partake in. Whether this is a battle against poverty or a battle to find love, the victory banner will help you overcome.

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