Asian Fairy Healing Rings

Asian Fairy Healing Rings

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So that way it is known, Lindy and DeeDee will be gone from 7/11/18 - 7/22/18.  During this time neither of them will be able to be reached via cellphone or email.  Shipping will not be done during this timeframe, but will resume as normal when they return. 

Pictured are three Asian fairy healing rings.  You might not have been aware that fairies were part of Asian folklore, but they are.  Well, to be fair, they are more like nymphs.  They have been summoned by Asian monks for centuries for purposes of protection and healing.  They have been bound to the grottos and monasteries where monks have lived for thousands of years.  

These faires are powerful and well capable of healing.  They will do spiritually healing and attunement as well as minor physical healing such as taking away aches and pains, taking away a headache, helping with skin conditions, helping you feel more energetic, giving you motivations, and pulling you out of depression.  I guess the last one is more or less psychological, but you catch my drift. 

These are three of these that are pictured together in the listing.  There is a quantity of three on the listing, but if we run out we can get more.  You only get one, not all three.   

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