Asian Immortals, First Half | STAR
Asian Immortals, First Half | STAR

Asian Immortals, First Half | STAR

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The original creation of this piece is not absolutely certain because it has floated around quite a bit. We do believe, however, that these were not created by a mortal man or woman due to the nature and the power of the bond between the piece and entities within. I could spend all day attempting to explain how big of a deal that is but I'm not sure if you could ever fully grasp why that makes this piece so exciting!

Anyway, this piece came to us from the possession of a Chinese cult called the Immortal Drakes whose glyph is a fire breathing dragon. If you don't know about this cult, I wouldn't be surprised. They are secretive, they are actually not immortal and they are kind of into the dark sorts, which is why the dragon is depicted spitting fire. Knowing this, we did assume that this cult had performed some sort of dark ritual or had somehow managed to cross a way to harness the power of the immortals. Now, if you know anything about the Eight Immortals, then you know that this should not be possible for mankind to achieve. There are two many and there are two immortals out of the eight that actually specialize in the prevention of stuff like that. Not to mention, the attempt alone, as foolish as it is, isn't as bad as what follows; the physical destruction of the person at fault and then the eternal torment of their soul afterwards. If you ask me, it seems like something that is better left alone.

Knowing that, we were surprised, worried and even a little bit thrilled to hear that the Immortal Drakes were in possession of an item that counteracted that entire concept. I'll admit, the first question I asked myself was something along the lines of how many of them had to die to achieve that shit? Imagine my surprise when the answer to my question was zero.

The piece apparently came to them through a stillborn swine. The item was found resting in the back of the swine's muzzle. It was not lodged or forced into place - it was just sitting there. Confusing, right? There's little more to the story than that, at least by what the cult had been willing to tell us when we asked about the piece. They seemed more concerned with getting rid of it. Naturally, with a find so rare, objecting seemed like a stupid idea so we didn't.

Testing started immediately upon reaching U.S. soil. However, we soon discovered exactly why the item was pushed off on us. We couldn't get it to work properly. In fact, it was barely responsible. The only thing that kept us from assuming that the item was fake was the serge of power it would omit whenever we attempted to interact with it. Other than that, we were at a complete loss. As a last resort before shelving the piece, we contacted our close friend who specializes in handling alien, supernatural, holy and or paranormal relics. Her name will remain undiscovered but we can tell you that she works for the government. She has personally worked under Area 51, she is one of 297 bodies of handling and authentication for Vatican Secret Archives pieces and is currently stationed in RAF Menwith Hill. She knows her shit.

She discovered the issue relatively quickly. The antique item, as ancient as the power is, required activation. After that, the immortals readily made themselves known. There are four.

This piece allows you to access four of the eight immortals, from whom you can gain a variety of different things. The two immortals that you will be able to interact with are the First Immortal Chung-Li Chuan, the Third Immortal Lu Dong-Pin, the Fifth Immortal Li T’ieh Guai and the Eighth Immortal He Hsien Ku.

Chung-Li will grant you complete management over your own longevity - including the destiny that surrounds it. Lu Dong-Pin will grant you extreme luck of chance - the ability to win consistently and indefinitely - as well as protection. You will not be affected by bad karma or counter-bad luck. From Li T'ieh Guai, wisdom of his power as well as the ability and physically stability to use it. This includes telepathy, controlled telepathic resistance, dual manipulation and sustained immortality. He Hsien Ku will bestow upon you the ability to birth magically inclined children whose power stem from the Lotus Blossom. Alternatively, if you do not want children, you can birth spirits of power who can carry fragments of your own ability.

This item is an antique, the power it holds is ancient and it is unhindered by the attempted conjuring of mankind. We believe the item was forged and empowered by another-worldly entity, which is why it is as powerful and holds the ability to directly channel the power of the four instilled immortals. Keep in mind, as previously said, the item you will receive has already been activated and is ready to use. Additionally, and as a last note, you will need to address the immortals one way or another. Don't worry, you do not need to correctly pronounce their names or even bother trying - you can call upon them as First, Third or Fifth Immortal depending on who you desire to communicate with.

To gain the power, you will fill the bottle and drink it or, alternatively, you can fill the bottle with water and anoint it into your pulse points - all of them - wrist, neck, behind the knees, near the ankles. This will activate the power. This is one of two items. They can be used individually but to own both would man the ownership of all Eight Asian Immortals. Don't turn your nose up at the power of Asian Immortals. They are the creatures and holders of some serious and impressive magic.


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