Asian Love and Wealth-- FOR DENISE LEE
Asian Love and Wealth-- FOR DENISE LEE
Asian Love and Wealth-- FOR DENISE LEE

Asian Love and Wealth-- FOR DENISE LEE

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Sometimes when you go searching in the astral realm for wealth you come up empty-handed.  Sometimes you come up with pieces like this.  You really have to be careful with all that you see in the world around you.  There are so many layers of existence that there could be something that you are looking for right in front of you and you don't see it, because it's on a slightly different plane of existence and you haven't been enlightened enough to realize it.  I mean, it's not really your fault, people do this kind of thing on purpose.  At least, in this case, they did.  
So, this piece used to belong to this super powerful kid who happened upon this piece while playing in a cave nearby to where I live actually.  It was happenstance that he came across the piece in the first place.  It turns out that his grandmother was extremely psychic and he got the gift from her.  This gift allowed him to see the piece that was hidden in a cave that he and a couple of his buddies were exploring.  His mother never gave much thought to the psychic abilities, she was always kind of on again and off again with drugs.  In fact, it's almost to be expected.  The area that this piece comes from is named Shamokin and drugs are so bad in that area people from down my way joke and say, "Wonder what they're Shamokin?"  Get it?  Either way, left to his own devices and psychic ability that he didn't know about that he inherited from his grandmother, this kid found this piece.
It didn't take long for him to reach out to us.  For beginners, none of his friends could even see the piece.  They all thought he was batshit crazy when he came to them like, "Look at this.  This is strange.  I wonder why this is here?"  Of course, they were looking at his bare hands like, "Ummm... okay, dude.  I think it's time for you to go home."  The poor kid couldn't get anyone to see the relic that he had found in the cave-- not even his mother who inherited the bloodline.  Well, he kept the piece for a while.  He that at first, he didn't really notice much of anything. Then, after he had the piece for about two weeks, it began giving him dreams of his dead grandma.  
In his dreams, his grandma who had died two years prior (so it was all kind of fresh), was on her favorite swing in her backyard.  She'd get up and point to a rose bush that was growing in her yard.  At first, the kid didn't get what was going on.  He thought that maybe he was still grieving her loss, but then one night it was more than just a dream.  He had this piece on his nightstand and it began to rattle.  Of course, that woke him up.  He was a light sleeper so as it is.  The piece flung itself at him and he said that he remembers that it felt warm and staticy and a small jolt of what he described as electricity went up his arm and into his brain. 
This must've been traumatizing because in the corner of his room stood his deceased grandma-- with a shovel.  She came made her way over to his bed, but the way he described her movement, it was more like she floated towards him that walked really.  Either way, she handed him the shovel and told him to go.  He looked at his clock-- it was 3:15 in the morning.  His grandmother must've been able to read his mind, because she looked at him very seriously, face a hallow, and yelled "GO!" so loud that the kid swore it shook the foundation of his house.  
He ended up in the backyard of his grandmother's old house, which hadn't been sold yet.  He stood there with a shovel and a flashlight not really knowing what to do.  Then, it clicked.  The rose bush.  She dug up the rose bush and underneath the roots of the plant, the kid found a coffee can-- the old school kind, one of the big ones.  Inside was nothing short of amazing.  It was a collection of gold and Unites States Treasury bonds, the grand sum of which totaled well over $3 Million.  Turns out that when his grandfather died he left everything to the grandmother.  When she passed she willed it all to the boy.  His mother got nothing because that's what she deserved.  Til this day, the boy lives in the lap of luxury.  He moved out of Shamokin, but I'm not going to tell you where he moved to because that's a privacy matter.  I can tell you though, the kid wants for nothing.  Well, actually he's not a kid anymore, but you know what I mean.  
He gave us this piece because he was so grateful for his grandfather's gifts that he wanted to share that joy with the world.  After working with this piece, we have been able to determine that this piece comes from a member of the Monks of Wissahickon who originally called the Philly area their home.  He went rogue for the simple that fact that while he was serving with his order of monks, he was sent to the Asian Mystery Schools.  He learned lots of things while he was there and he was supposed to take that knowledge back and share it with the Monks that he called his brothers.  However, before he left the mystery school, he stole this relic.  It wasn't that he was just stealing it to steal it.  He was given a vision by the great Jade Emperor that told him to take the piece, because it had destinies to fulfill abroad and that it couldn't possibly do this is it was locked up by the Mystery School for "safe keeping."  So, the monk did as he was told, but when he arrived back in the United States, word of his thievery had arrived before he had.  He was met by one his brother monks, who tipped him off that the other monks had been ordered to catch him.  After explaining to his friend what had happened, they actually both went rogue, using this piece as their source of power.  It was unlike anything that they had experienced before.    
When you own this piece, you will be given what we call the "Spark".  This Spark is a natural psychic awakening.  This awakening allows you to receive visions of wealth from spirits who have passed on from this world.  In the case prior to yours it just so happened that his grandmother was trying to communicate with the boy, so she led him to this piece so he could communicate back.  However, when you own this piece you gain spiritual communication with all types of spirits who will A.)bring you wealth powers and leave them inside of this piece  B.)Point you in the direction of wealth.  They will do this by showing you the location of hoards of treasure, by giving you psychic visions of how to gain money in your investments, by showing you how to live your life so that wealth comes to you.  Basically, this piece is a psychic awakening so that way the spirits can guide you on your way to extreme wealth.  This piece in incredibly unique in what it does for you and you will not find another one like it.  
Here's the kicker-- although this piece was designed specifically for wealth, after working with the piece for an extended period of time, we have also found out that this piece can grant an unlimited amount of wishes.  It's granting power is more powerful than any Djinn that you've ever experienced before.  It will literally grant anything that you ask of it.  Like I said, I know we are putting this up for grabs under the Asian Wealth and Love event, but this piece does wealth and then goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations by granting your every wish.  This is why the Mystery School wanted it back so badly.  But like it has been said, this piece has been sent here to fulfill destinies.  Probably Yours if you're reading this.  

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