Asian Love and Wealth- Money Grabbin' Buddha (My absolute Fav!)
Asian Love and Wealth- Money Grabbin' Buddha (My absolute Fav!)

Asian Love and Wealth- Money Grabbin' Buddha (My absolute Fav!)

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Let me tell you about this Buddha. First of all, it's not just a stone Buddha. This is actually a spirited item. There is a spirit buddha who lives inside of this piece. He is a very happy Buddha and doesn't require much attention, because he spends the whole day saying chants so that way you benefit from his wealth powers. In his hay day, he was the patriarch of a monastery that housed very powerful sources of magic. This is because they were all spiritually enlightened and spent their days in a temple in the wilderness traveling the astral realms via a portal that they opened in their brain, while the rest of the world just went on living around them.

Through their astral travels, each of the monks found and held a special power. The Buddha who was the leader of the monastery found a very powerful source of wealth that he brought to the monastery. Of course, being monks they couldn't keep the funds that they gained, so they began sending this money to different places throughout the world that needed it. Starving nations, orphanages, and needy people and organizations began receiving mysterious donations in the mail. It was the work of white light.

Either way, many years later, after the Buddha moved on, to the spiritual realms, this piece was made. His presence is summoned into this piece and for the person who owns him, he brings the most powerful kind of wealth. This isn't all, though. He's kind of a companion piece too because when testing this piece, I actually saw him sitting in the corner of my living room. He doesn't do much. He literally spends his days saying wealth chants. You might see him. You might not see him. Perhaps you will only hear his chants. Maybe you won't experience his presence at all. It depends on how strong of a bond you develop with this piece.

His wealth covers all angles of your life. It's not just one type of wealth that he does for you. He has a whole arsenal of chants and if you tell him for what area of your life you need wealth, he will undoubtedly have a chant that will cater to that part of your life. It's literally amazing. He doesn't even need a parchment to read off of or anything he has them all memorized. As an added benefit he will also bring protection to your home, but that is just something that all buddhas brin. The real power is the wealth that he chants for you.

To give you an idea of exactly how powerful this piece is, I took the Buddha to the casino with me Friday night. Now, I don't usually go to the casino unless I'm going to specifically test pieces, but a friend of mine wanted to go so I went. I took the Buddha with just for kicks, but I'm telling you-- I went with $40 and came back with well over $4000. That was in a matter of like half an hour, too. My friend and I found this machine that is all blank dollar bills and you bet $5 a pull. Then the dollar bills spin and whatever is shown is the amount of money that you win. It ranges in denomination from $1 all the way up to $1000.

Well, my friend kept pulling and got nothing. I was sitting in my chair-- $20, $20, $50, 2x$100, and then when I finally hit two $1000 on the same pull, I figured it was time to let somebody else win, so I gave the Buddha to my friend. Now, he doesn't really know what I do for work, so when I handed him the Buddha he thought I was crazy, but I told him, "Listen, I already have $4000 and you lost over $200. Just trust me." In a matter of minutes he not only made back his $200, but he left with well over $3000 in a matter of half an hour. That is the kind of wealth that this piece brings. It's amazing.

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