Asian Love and Wealth- Mr Yang's Aquarium of Wealth (Fish 1)

Asian Love and Wealth- Mr Yang's Aquarium of Wealth (Fish 1)

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This piece is an original that we found when we made contact "Mr. Yang."  I put that I quotation marks because that's not his real name, but for sake of anonymity, that's what we'll call him.  Now, Mr. Yang is not part of the Illuminati or that other secret society that is currently battling the Illuminati for power.  It's not that he couldn't have become part of it.  Remember that obscure Illuminati party we told you about in a listing a little bit ago, the one thrown in France by the Rothschild family?  Yeah, he was there. 


I'm just telling you this to give you an idea of how powerful this man is and how powerful his magic is.  He owns this art gallery called the Aquarium.  It is an underground, by invitation only gallery that extends four floors into the ground.  The peculiar thing is that all of the art has to do with fish.   He is infatuated with them. There are fish of all kinds-- sculptures and statues of fish, hand-blown glass fish, oil color fished, giant marble fish.  I'm telling you.  Everything in the Aquarium has to do with fish.  It has to or it's not allowed it.


Eventually, we were given an invite and he explained to us why he likes fish so much.  It is because the ancient Chinese believed that certain types of wish, such a Coi, Arowana, Goldfish, etc.  Most of his fish were kept for superstition, but his most prized fish were the ones that actually held the ancient wealth powers that Feng Shui incorporates into them and this is where our story gets good. 


These fish have been cast with ancient magic by a sorcerer who is in charge of the Aquarium.  He isn't an ancient sorcerer, he's a normal age, but he is well-versed in ancient magic because he is of the bloodline of sorcerers that served the Shang Dynasty. He enchants the fish that Mr. Yang tells him to with ancient Asian wealth powers.  These are some of the most prolific wealth powers you will find because he drew them from direct connection to the Jade Emperess, the consort of the Jade Emperor who grants all things wealth.


These two pieces were custom made as we watched the sorcerer make them.  It was definitely something to see.  They were given to is compliments of Mr. Yang.  We have tested them both.  They both bring extreme, extreme wealth into many areas of your life.  I would list the kinds of wealth that this piece brings, but it would be redundant because they hold the typical wealth powers you would think of, plus secret wealth powers that we told Mr. Yang I would not list publicly.  These are wealth powers that are beyond anything you would have expected that have allowed him to amass a net worth of more than $1 Billion

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