Asian Love and Wealth- Seven Powerful Spells for Love and Wealth
Asian Love and Wealth- Seven Powerful Spells for Love and Wealth

Asian Love and Wealth- Seven Powerful Spells for Love and Wealth

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This piece has been magically charged with ancient Asian magic and holds seven spells for both love and wealth. These are spells that span the centuries. Some are newer than others, but they are all very, very powerful. This piece was found during an investigation into the secret confines of the Green and the Red societies. They may sound like two different groups, but they are one allied and unified secret society, whose power has rivaled the Illuminati in recent years. They threatened the Illuminati after they found out that the Illuminati has plans to reduced the Asian population to just 500 Million people, using race-specific chemical weapons. But that is for another story. I actually have a piece I'm working on right now that also came from this same investigation, but that one is more involved and I've got to do some more work with it before I offer it on the website.

This piece is less involved but is still extremely powerful. Like I said, it holds seven powerful Asian spells that will help you in love and wealth. I guess that just goes to show that even the assassins and the hitmen have a soft spot, either that or they just want the money. Whatever the case may be, this piece has seven powers that it will do for you and they are listed below:

1.) First Red stone on the Left: This piece brings primal instinct. Yes, I'm talking about sex with your partner. It's no secret that great sex is a very good way to keep your partner. The energies in this piece embody the powers of Asian Kama Sutra and allow your libido to flow. You will have a sexual appetite like a hunting lion or lioness. You will be able to longer and harder. This piece also has a magic that will allow you and your partner to experience heightened sensitivity in all your erogenous nerve endings and will allow you to orgasm at the same time for maximum pleasure.

2.) The next green stone: This piece holds a wealth in business spell. This piece allows you to always be on point with your investments and with your bookkeeping. It will give you the ability to budget better and will allow you to get maximum gains on your returns. It will also give you a psychic ability that will show you whether or not you should invest in a company due to the fact of whether or not there are going to be high margins involved with your returns. It also works with simple business, like if you have your own business it will bring customers and keep traffic on a heavy flow into your store. It will bring new, exciting business opportunities through which you will gain a crazy amount of wealth.

3.) The light colored stone: This piece is a wealth by chance spell. This is the stone that will provide you the luck when you go to the casino when you play the lottery when you're placing bets, or even when you're going to bingo. Anything where you have a "chance" to win something, this spell can be used for. Will you win EVERY SINGLE TIME? Maybe not, but when we were testing this piece, it won 95% of the time.

4.) The Black Stone: This piece is the revenge in love spell and works in two different ways. First of all, you can use this piece to cast a curse upon the love life of anybody who has intentionally hurt you in a relationship, i.e. cheating, taking advantage, leading you on, abuse, etc. This piece will guarantee that the person upon whom you cast this spell will experience nothing but suffering and agony in their love life. You can also use this piece to cast revenge in general, but only upon those people who have done you wrong in relationships or some kind of dating/love scenario. This is all about revenge on those who have broken your heart, made you cry, led you on, etc.

5.) The White Stone: This is the Purity in Love Spell. You can use this piece prior to getting in a relationship, but it works best once you are already in a relationship. This piece will keep the love between you and your partner fresh and pure. It will allow you to love an appreciate each other more and will assure that both of you are always 100% truthful and honest and you experience and enjoy the purest love possible.

6.) The second red stone: This is called the Bleeding Heart Spell. This piece will provide discernment and psychic connection to possible suitors or other dating arrangements. When using this piece you will be able to see inside the mind of the other person to know their true intentions and to know how they truly feel about you. This is 99% of the battle when first starting a new relationship. You never know if somebody is honest in what they are saying or if they are just trying to hit and quit it, or mess with your head, or play with your heart, etc. This piece weeds out the uncertainty and will allow you to see things for what they are so you can make an informed decision. If you decided to pursue the relationship anyhow, that's on you. People change, but it's a rarity.

7.) The Other Green Stone: This piece holds a Familial Wealth Spell. What this means is that it will cover your entire family in wealth blessings. By family, I mean your significant other and children. This wealth spell will not only bring wealth to you personally, allowing you to provide for your family but will also bring the rest of your family wealth as well. They will experience the same amount of wealth as you do with this piece. You need only get close enough to them while wearing this piece so the piece can pick up on their energies and the wealth can begin to flow!

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