Asian Love and Wealth-  Tang Dynasty Wealth Griffin
Asian Love and Wealth-  Tang Dynasty Wealth Griffin
Asian Love and Wealth-  Tang Dynasty Wealth Griffin

Asian Love and Wealth- Tang Dynasty Wealth Griffin

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This a Chinese Wealth Griffin who was captured and put into servitude by the Tang Dynasty. Like most other Dynasties of any kind, the Tangs had a voracious appetite for wealth and expanding their borders. As such, they looked for every possible way to gain as much wealth as possible. The more wealth there is, the more they can concentrate that wealth on expanding their territory. The more they expand their territory, the more they can make off of their constituents. It was kind of like a rinse and repeat cycle; so, they were always looking for ways to increase their net worth.

This Griffin was found and tamed by an ancient sorcerer who practiced in the court of the Tang rulers. The Griffin was found to have an appetite for freshly produced souls, so he was found somewhere on the bridge between the living and the afterlife attempting to snatch up souls as they made their ethereal journey to the afterlife they were destined for. Once the Griffin was caught, he was not able to hunt souls, so the sorcerer and the Griffin made an agreement-- he would offer the griffin souls human sacrfice and in return, he would bring the rulers of the Tang Dynasty a substantial amount of wealth. So, the sacrificing began and kept on for many years. It isn't well-spoken of in history books because I'm pretty sure the dynasty didn't want their secret to get out.

Either way, this Griffin was set into a piece but was forgotten about for thousands of years. In fact, it wasn't until recently when we had a little rendezvous with an Asian paranormal hunter that we team up with sometimes that we learned that the griffin had recently been recovered in some temple ruins that are being kept hush-hush by the Chinese government for the time being.

She gave me this piece after telling me that she had to do to a transfer ritual because the piece that the Griffin used to be in was pretty much falling apart. If the piece crumbles and cant be used, then the Griffin is locked in Limbo forever and won't be much use to himself or anybody. So-- this is how Adita was able to work out a deal with the Griffin that if she transferred him to a newer vessel in good condition that he would grant his wealth without any souls having to be sacrificed. As a compromise, the Griffin is not allowed on a longer leash, where he can search the astral realms for the souls he craves. Listen, it is what it is, some things just have to be the way they are. However, this Griffin is still extremely powerful.

When Adita first transferred him into this piece, it was just the stone. As the Griffin entered, the markings and carvings began to show up. The back side to this natural stone pendant is Griffin's former home in the Emerald Palace. The front marking is the Griffin himself. With this piece, you will not be able to see the Griffin, but you will know that he is there and working, because the amount of wealth this piece brings to you will be a solid testament. Sit back and watch the wealth begin to roll in.

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