Asian Twin Djinn:  One for Wishes, One for Wealth
Asian Twin Djinn:  One for Wishes, One for Wealth
Asian Twin Djinn:  One for Wishes, One for Wealth

Asian Twin Djinn: One for Wishes, One for Wealth

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It is very seldom that we offer spirited items that contain more than one spirit in it. I mean, we do offer them, but this one is extremely unique. For starters, these earrings are real jade and sterling silver. They were handmade by members of The Green and the Red Societies, the Asian rivals to the Illuminati. These members were made by the resident sorcerers that they have living in the capital in Shan Hai. I'm not sure why their HQ is located there, but I have a hunch it has to do with one of the shrines that can found there. The Red and Green run most of the shrines in the Shanghai area, They do this so they have a safe haven operation while being able to be masked for the most part.

Either way, these earrings were created by sorcerers for the Red and Green societies. Up until we staged an operation to acquire this set. It wasn' anything really that crazy, so I'll skip the monotonous detail, but the result is that we ended up with this set of earrings. The earrings hold a djinn containment spell and they each hold their own djinn. They are a set of twin djinn, born of the same fire, but with two different magical talents. With this piece, you must wear the earrings. There is no getting out of it. But, even if you're a guy you can wear these in the privacy of your own home. I assure you that you aren't going to want to miss the powers in this piece.

You could separate these djinn if you wanted to, but you won't want to, because when worn together it amplifies the amount of power they contain by 500%!! One of them is a wealth djinn. When wearing the set it increases the wealth you get by 500%. Considering this piece brings you wealth throughout all areas of your life, this 500% percent will turn out to be extremely impactful and will be enough for you to provide for your generations to come.

The second djinn that you get is a wish-granting djinn. It will grant an unlimited amount of wishes for you and it is as simple as that. There is nothing more to say about that. The djinn himself is ancient and is pre-Babylonian times. This is why he is so powerful and how come he can offer a source of unlimited wishes. It is ancient magic that was given to him by the Celestial gods.

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