Asteraceae Helianthus Annuus
Asteraceae Helianthus Annuus

Asteraceae Helianthus Annuus

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I want to tell you a few things before getting into this piece. I will have a coupon going out today of 12 percent off. Spirit gave me the magical number just a few moments ago. So if you are looking to buy wait for the coupon. The coupon will only be good for this website. The code will be apostle just as you see it typed. I'm about to add it on after this. The code will be good from today 8/1/18 until 8/30/18.

Payment, we take PayPal and wire transfer and Zelle. Zelle is through your own bank if they have it. You would use my email address, to pay for your items. It is safe and secure and through your bank. You should email first so I can remove your item so no one else gets it.

On the convention I will be sending out in advertising tomorrow hotels, places to stay and things to do while here that you shouldn't miss. Places like Eastern State Penitentiary. Very haunted!

This necklace holds an ancient Victorian magic that was created by an elemental witch who was secretly part of Queen Victoria's royal court. I just want to start off by saying that this piece is not ancient, just the powers that have gone into it. The were siphoned from a much old piece that we kept because it was practically crumbling to pieces We keep antiques like that to preserve them. However, the powers are just as useful because we replicate them and keep them in their original state.

This received the magic that is the esoteric energies the sunflower. The sunflower was originally created by Amun_Ra the Sun God as a way to manifest himself on Earth. As such, it creates many powers of life and death, just as the Sun god himself was reborn every morning. Thus, one of the powers in this piece is the ability to full through spirits in full form.

As a representation of the Sun itself, the sunflower has long been known for its healing properties both physical an spiritual and will heal all of your spiritual ailment and will aid in the releif of paint, aches, and other minor physical ailments. In addition it will help with depression, OCD, ADHD, PTSD and some other mental illnesses. This is not as powerful as our 3rd Eye Awakening service, but it is powerful. It will also give you a spark of motivation and ambition to allow yourself to feel good and get up to accomplish the things you deserve.

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