Asylum of Souls

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This piece comes from an investigation that we did in North Carolina. 


As the claims go, the Old Ash County Hospital is one of the most haunted places in all of North Carolina. We traveled there to put this theory to the test. This particular investigation we did by means of pure psychic energy only and to be honest with you it's all we really needed. I mean, one look at the run down old building and you can tell that it is a special kind of creepy. The fact that we decided to lock ourselves in over night probably would have made most assume that we were a special kind of stupid, so there were a lot of special kind of stuff going on.


Shortly after one o'clock in the morning, Deedee told me to follow her because she was getting psychic energy from a room down a very narrow hallway. We crept on our tiptoes, because we didn't want to chance scaring off any entities that might exist there. We could hear them talking-- doctors and patients alike-- and it was as if they never even stopped existing. It was as if the hospital's operation were if full swing. We were listening and that is when we noticed that we were also being watched, but a full apparition in a white lab coat.


The doctor instructed us that we were early for our appointment. Deedee and I looked at each other and just went with it. Neither of us had any clue what to expect, so we followed the doctor down several hallways, through a set of double doors and to a room on left. The room became animated, as if we were actually in the hospital in its glory days. A couple of nurses came through the doors and instructed us that we were supposed to sit on two adjacent tables, one on either side of the room. Then the doctor entered, but he had a strange kind of energy about him.  


He came over to where I was sitting and rest his hand on my should and it was at that point that I realized that I couldn't move. I paralyzed and I could feel my soul being drained out of my body. Deedee looked over and immediately realized what was going on. She took a protection piece that she always carries out of her pocket, which immediately loosened the doctor's grip on me and I was able to wriggle free. I feel to the floor and immediately began choking for air. The room turned back into the ruins that it is and Deedee came over to make sure I was alright.


Upon further investigation, we discovered that the "doctor" was actually a deranged lunatic who had picked dark magic at an early age. He has been trapping souls ever since, even when the hospital was fully operational. He thrives on his trapped souls an gets more and more powerful with each soul he steals. However, we weren't having any of that. We full exorcised the place and sent this dark entity to Hell where he belongs. As for the power that we got from this place, it is set into this piece. With this piece, you will gain a similar ability to what the doctor had. Instead of stealing souls, this piece allows you to siphon any and all magic and abilities a soul has. You will not get to keep the soul, but you will be able to gain what the soul has. You can use this piece so summon the souls to you, to gain their magic. The atmosphere is full of souls and spirits with all types of powers, abilities, and knowledge forms. You can think of it kind of like Pokemon Go, except you are collecting soul powers instead of creatures. The fact is that you can become very powerful using this piece, because never know what kind powers you are going to come across!

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