Ate Gebir Leilam Adonai - Size 8
Ate Gebir Leilam Adonai - Size 8
Ate Gebir Leilam Adonai - Size 8

Ate Gebir Leilam Adonai - Size 8

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Or Agla is a great angel used to invoke the greatest magic using God himself. This angel is used because of the helping hand given to the Angel by God. Much of the magic couldn't have been done with him.

In the Lemegeton which is a Grimoire says the name Agla is another name for God. It is hard to tell if this means God takes on a angelic form or if he created a separate being. From research it does seem to be a separate entity with great power often used in the most ancient times. I'm talking about going back to the pyramids and the construction of them along with the magic that can be obtained in them. The pyramids are but one example of the power this angel have to one human. Of course we can go into the Nephilim and say they built them as thought but with my conversation with Agla I found out different!

Yes Agla can be spoken to and it's a wonderful warm feeling, like holding the hand of God. While I made a trip to Heaven and expect to again I never felt the flesh until now.

Learning more I found that this almost nonexistent power can be obtained again and for me I did.

Calling on the name of Agla I learned all the things he can provide. Like a teacher you will learn and that's only one of the things. I want to tell you what you get with this piece and be clear about it.

You get the full and most powerful protection of God. This is divine protection, a helping hand that never fails.

Since this angel Agla is of God and made for magic it is also why the angel is called upon to do the extreme. The extreme is magic. Some would think nothing of this is in the Bible but indeed it is.

You will learn, become educated in things of the past, present, future and ancient ways of magic. You will preform it.

You will touch the hand of God like the ring shows. This touch is more then special, this is divinity. This is the equivalent of holding a meeting and being handed gifts of magic, alchemy, and powers of God.

This ring is sterling silver and designed for you to be that one touching God and being taken into the fold  of extreme magic.

I have three of these made for me to be placed into the world. One is mine and two are up for sale. These can be worn by both men and women and enjoyed as if born with the power instilled inside of you.

Touch the hand of God and change your life. Take that leap.

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