Atlantean and Golden Djinn: Tested For All Situations - Djinn 7

Atlantean and Golden Djinn: Tested For All Situations - Djinn 7

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In 1577 the first Rothschild, Izaak was born under what was called the Red Shield. Or he was rather the first important one and the one who gathered occult entities and beings. Two hundred years later we have Mayer Rothschild and that's when everything heated up. Mayer was poor as homeless man, he had nothing.

If you ask people today who runs the world they will say it's the illuminati. They will go into the Astors, Rothschilds and others. All those from Europe who started the banking industry. But try and ask them more and they don't know much of anything at all. They basically regurgitate what they have heard or read.

These are the facts. Izaak was deeply into the occult and practiced daily. Diaries were found to show this. Many of his entities he collected were named. Izaak was big into making contact with the spirits of Atlantis and he did. As for his traveling or where he went I don't know. Later on Mayer comes along and took those spirits and put them to use in his modern day. He began the banking industry. When his four sons were of age he sent them into various countries to open more banks. Now keep in mind this guy was flat broke, poor and by all accounts should have stayed that way but we all know the family is wealthy beyond belief.

Now you must ask yourself if a poor man could do it, why can't I? The bottom line is you will never be that wealthy unless you have help. Even Donald Trump had a million dollar loan from his father. Can you get that same loan?

While you can't get the loan you can get the power Mayer had. The money he made was so extreme that it has carried on for generations. What if I told you with that money he also found immortality? With enough money you can have everything. OJ Simpson is another one to look at. With enough money he got away with murder.

Mayer put to use the Djinn that Izaak had. These were golden Djinn and Atlantean Djinn. This is one of those pieces.

I could go into testing and who did what but the bottom line is, this is it.

Four Atlantean djinn and three Golden djinn. This necklace is in 14k gold with glass and real pearls.
The Golden Djinn are Abellla, Kyantera and Solomon.

The Atlantean Djinn are Savado, Laeti, Brisoon and Valient.

Some people say don't give out the names but these are supper powerful! Your not taking them, they come to the new owner, hopefully that's you.

I didn't show this piece last night because I wasn't done testing it yet. Now all I can say is I'm impressed and they are impressive!

UPDATE: Some of you saw our facebook video of Lindy. Over three or four days of testing this particular djinn we won over $100,000. You can see some of the video on facebook if you go look. These are extraordinary in every aspect, they have been tested on everything.

These are the ones we have left. Some of these are 24K gold, some are not. Some are real rubies and emeralds. These are the ones we were advertising offline. Some of them are sold, these are the listings of the remaining.

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