Atlantis Kundalini

Atlantis Kundalini

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The Kundalini is an energy that is coiled up at the base of your spine.  Much to this regard, when you wear this piece, you are going to receive an energy that will enter your body via your Kundalini Chakra.  This magic is a psychic magic that will begin to unravel itself and make its way up through your chakra system until it reaches the top.  Once it meets your Pineal Chakra, a.k.a. the Sahasrara is when the fun begins.  

This magic was taken out an ancient book of Atlantean magic.  To be honest, I'm not sure how it got there, I'm only certain of what the magic will do for you.  That leads me to my next point.  This magic will open your pineal gland, allowing for a direct psychic connection to the pyramids of Atlantis.  This will allow you to pull your spirit from your idle body and take the form of an Atlantean High Priest on the other side of the spectrum.  

Once in this form, you will be given ancient forms of magic that only the Atlanteans ever knew.  This form of magic comes through the knowledge of the pyramids of Atlantis, the secrets of which were given to them by extraterrestrials visits millennia ago.  You will have a higher knowledge that will give you the ability to see the world as it really is and to know all magical forms.  You will be given a full psychic awakening that will give you full awareness to all the secrets that are hidden on the Earth.  

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