Atomic Manipulation
Atomic Manipulation

Atomic Manipulation

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There are five carved stone balls in a collection at the Ashmolean Museum. Discovered in Scotland, the origins of these stones have been baffling to scientists. They are constructed of different types of stones such as sandstone and granite and date back to the Neolithic Period, between 3000 and 2000 BC.

More than 400 of these stones have been found in Scotland, including the 5 that are at the Ashmolean. The stones demonstrate that these ancient had a clear understanding of the atomic makeup of the Earth and everything that in it. They are ancient diagrams of atoms, but there is more to the story.

The ancients understood that mixing atoms with other atoms created effects that are both visible and invisible to the human eye. Some of these effects could be used to create magic. These truths were taught to them by ancient beings that descended from the sky, either gods or aliens, one of the two. They taught them that everything-- even life itself-- has been created by atoms. Therefore the manipulation of atoms and atomic energy presents the ability to also create your own magic.

But how do atoms interact with each other? Well, that is what the ancients were taught and why they recreated these models of atoms. They wanted to teach ancient mystery schools the cause and effect of atomic manipulation. Fast forward thousands of years ago and we're going to let you off the hook. You don't even have to know anything about atomic energy or anything of the sort. This piece has absorbed the energies of all the atom replications and presents itself to you as pure knowledge and the ability to create magic.

All you have to do when wearing this piece is mentally create the power that you want. Your brainwaves will go and seek out the atomic energy that is necessary, manipulating it to create the magic that you want. It is very powerful, but it really is that simple. You think it, this piece finds the atomic manipulation to create it.

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