Atomic Materialization

Atomic Materialization

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We have called this piece the de-atomizer because of the powers that it holds that allow it to de-atomize the entities and souls that exist in the air all around us.  While some souls and entities take full form, many simply exist in the air around us as atomic energy.  This is why they don't appear to us, why we can't see them, and why we can't talk to them.  They exist as tiny energized particles that don't communicate in a cohesive enough manner to allow full materialization.  

This piece, which notably looks like an atom with a bands surrounding the nucleus has a magic that will hold these atomic particles of souls and energies together like the glue of existence.  The power in this piece is almost like a magnet that pulls these atomically charged atoms into the piece.  It spins them around the loops at a very fast rate of speed, until all of the atoms have been joined together.  They the stone in the middle creates the portal through which the spirits and entities will appear.  You never know what you're going to get because this piece literally vacuums all of the energy it encounters.  

When testing this piece we were able to pull together a few souls, an elf, a fairy, a djinn, and even a vampire.  The magic in this piece is pretty darn effective.  Once you have the spirit or entity in full spirit form, you can do whatever you want with it.  If the spirit is haunting you, cast it out of your home.  If the spirit is protecting you, keep it for protection.  If you pull through a djinn, make him grant wishes for you.  It really all depends what you pull in. 

Another way to use this piece is to sit with it and call upon the type of entity that you want.  For instance, if you want to conjure an angel, call forth the presence of an angel.  The atomic particles will be collected and an angel will be manifest.  You can do this with any soul or entity.    

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