Avalonian Fairy

Avalonian Fairy

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This piece holds an Avalonian Fairy that was brought that we brought to the mortal realms during a conjuring.  She is originally birthed by Morgana La Fey, one of her many daughters, but now she is yours.  She is bound to this vessel and brings you five ancient psychic abilities from the Avalonian realms.  

Here are the five abilities you will gain with this piece:  

1.)  Telekinesis or the ability to move things with your mind.   

2.)  Elemental Kinesis or the ability to harness the powers and energies of all four elements

3.) Scrying or the ability to see the future in objects such as a crystal ball, a reflection in the water, or a looking glass.  

4.)  Psychometric Healing or the ability to pull spiritual and physical ailments from the body using your hands

5.) Psychic Shielding or the ability to protect yourself from any type of psychic attack.    

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