Avella:  She Who Offers Love

Avella: She Who Offers Love

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This piece is a spirited item who holds an ancient spirit who was one of the messengers of Aphrodite. Her name is Avella, but she is often referred to as "she who offers love." she held a spiritual consortium with Aphrodite and Aphrodite would send Avella out in her name to grant love to those who asked her for it. To this day she works in unison with Aphrodite and holds most if not all of the same love powers that Aphrodite has, so conjuring Avella is virtually the same as conjuring Aphrodite. What I'm saying is that she is just as powerful, so if love is what you are looking for, then this is your piece. It is a love locket that is guaranteed to work, as we have tested it more than a few times.

With this locket, you will either put a personal effect of the person into the locket, or you will place their picture in there. It will probably be easier to get a picture, considering that you could just print one off, but the choice is yours. Either way, once you put either the personal effect or the picture into the locket, you will hut the locket. There is nothing you need to do or say. The powers of the piece will begin working almost immediately. It will mesh your own energies with the energies of the person who is represented inside the locket. These energies will be transformed into love energies and they will be delivered to the person who is represented inside the locket. It will only be a matter of time before that person is approaching you because they feel like they want to date or be with you. You will not have to act first. And since this piece forms a solidifying bond between the two of you, you will never have to worry about infidelity or the other person falling out of love with you. The bond that is formed is a forever bond and the only person who can ever stop it is you. This piece can be used more than once, to grow the bond or parts of your relationship that you want to improve upon, but you must give it a salt water cleanse first.

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